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Thread: Team Upstart Projects

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    We are Team Upstart from the Netherlands.
    The past six months we have tried to build our first combat robot.
    In this video the first test drive of our creation.

    Our final goal is to build an eggbeater and compete in Antwerp Expo 2014.
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    - TZ85A (DX6i amended code)
    - GR02 Gimson 18V 24:1
    - Banebots 73mm wheels
    - Stainless steel 3mm
    - Mild steel 10mm

    Used a 3 cell lipo for testing.

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    Love the sound it makes when its turning, sounds like a snake
    Looks like a very nicely made machine, is it going to be fighting full combat?

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    The first test drive we were surprised by the (snake) sound.
    Not used to so much noise compared to my previous LEGO robots
    Yes we are going for full combat with an active weapon.
    The wedge is our backup plan if we fail to build a good ... uhh ... evil weapon
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    From wedge to monster.
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    The result of a Saturday afternoon testing. The robot is just as crazy about cookies as his owners. So from now on we call him Cookie Monster!

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    Best test video ever.

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