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Thread: 3.2mm Hardox 450

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    If Hardox and equivalent ware-steels were banned people would move to Titanium or something else. Everyone would start using that and the current situation would re-assert itself. Entanglement weapons are banned which would stop spinners, which are the very reason Hardox is used with easy access to brushless motors..

    I am not sure it has ruined the sport. Yes its not as entertaining as total destruction but none of us really want to be sweeping up our machine or taking the bits home in a box... I have done both. There will be a development or new idea soon enough that forces a change, everyone will adapt then it will be a while before it changes again.

    I am confident that Grant's new axe-bot and Sam's replacement for NST will make even the Hardox bricks think again about their construction.

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  3. #13 London model exhibition.

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    If someone wants to split a sheet with me I may be interested

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    maybe !!! I like aluminium as cheap and easy to work but hardox does allow for a exoskeleton design, making more shapes and designs possible with less bracing, but on the other hand even the mighty Thor struggles to damage it. I don't wont ceros to get battered but damage also carries its own charm. in my opinion

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    A feather weight with hardox armour is still beatable, i guess it differs with heavies especially without hw spinners about

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    I'd be interested if it was UK postage but my other issue is that i'm moving house atm which is expensive as it is. If the second sheet could wait a month or two post xmas etc I would take a sheet

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    I'd take a sheet!

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