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Thread: Interchangeable panel limit?

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    In Johns case the swap over wasn't as severe as everyone is making out and was perfectly within the rules.
    In his case, the new drive motor's were failing (not due to opponents) and he needed to swap the drive. Normally it would be seen as being fine if different motors and ESC were swapped out to solve the issue. However roboteer's wouldn't lend their spare motor's and the only other option was to use the other chassis with motors welded in. The previous chassis was no different (other than material but weight was the same) and the first chassis wasn't damaged. This meant the only change in performance was effectively just the drive motors and ESC to suit the new motors.

    So in this case I think all the ill comments on this are unjust.

    However, I don't think it should be allowed for future competitions to be allowed to change say more than 50% of the robot at any one time to avoid swapping out entire chassis's once the first one was smashed giving them a huge advantage.
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    And I do have 3 ploughbots that all look the same haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by harry hills View Post
    I think if someone does have to change a large portion of their robot, then their opponents must be told, and they must have a say in it. For me, I'd have no real problems with someone changing the frame, or the drive or something of their robot.. so long as its within reason, not just taking the RX out of your wegdebot and putting it into a spinner and calling it the same robot
    That is just me, and of course others will have different views.
    I was thinking this but then what about robots with interchangeable weapons? Or robots like Bitza Mk2 which at the 2012 champs changed between pusher (no weapon and armour) and a drum bot (with no armour). I don't think anyone had a problem with that.
    In some ways it sounds like it should just be the event organisers decision- if they say it is basically the same robot then that's good enough for me.

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    Which Beauty was it?
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    Here is what constitutes major robot bits:
    Drive motors
    Weapon system
    John changed 3 out of the 5 for Beauty 7 (which used 5's chassis after the change, (7 was Ti, 5 was Hardox I think?) , so you know, Ceri). So in future, I would say that would make it outlawed. At the time is was legal and was judged by the Event judges at the time, so no hard feelings an no harm done, just felt a bit odd to me.

    My apologise to John if I sounded rude at all. I have a lot of respect for you and your machines .

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    I remember reading a similar discussion on this forum years ago, in which the general consensus was that you could interchange parts within a machine to your heart's content, but if you packed an entire spare chassis or started replacing large portions (>50%) of the current, possibly severely damaged, one, it constituted a different machine. I still consider that to be the case.

    Not kicking up a stink about what happened at the champs as it's been and gone, but I think it's something that needs to be given more consideration, especially as it's a particularly toasty subject
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    Johns just a big bender ...

    Basically if his drive kept falling apart thats his fault for using rubbish components and his robot should of plodded along on the lame bits he built it with until he learnt his lesson for next year... you cant just go oh well this robots drive and chassis and gearbox's and wheels are rubbish im going to use last years instead now...oh and because there different motors i need different batterys and escs etc etc

    IMO.. the robotwars/battlebots rule needs putting in place... new chassis = new robot.

    either way the FRA need to come up with a rule to stop this happening again as i wasnt very happy with it at the time... personally id just ban learo lol

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