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Thread: Rumor mill strikes again?

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    Probably not the best place to ask this, but I've seen on one of the Youtube videos for Robot Wars someone's said that Hypno-Disc, amongst other machines, was apparently told past series 4 to 'tone down' the weapon so that it wasn't as destructive and forced to use a less powerful disc in series 6 as a result of past fights - they only said they remembered hearing it somewhere on the Robot Wars forum, can anyone shed any light on this?

    It's just something that has intrigued me that's all, I was never part of the Robot Wars 'community' back in the day despite watching it religiously, so I lost out on a lot of the behind the scenes chatter about the shows...


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    I was around for series 5, 6 and 7, and I don't think "tone down" a weapon was in the books.
    On the other hand, as a "foreigner" a lot of the byplay went right past us.

    For series 7, even in the qualifiers, it was "balls out". No holding back. We puzzled Hammerhead 2 back at the campsite...

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    It is not true, in fact in series 5 Hypnodisk had an increase in motor power but that caused some reliability issues. The truth is that there were less robots like Stealth and Splinter and more well armoured robots which caused Hypnodisk less effective.

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    Ahh, I see! Thanks for the responses, I thought it'd be a bit unusual for Mentorn to tell a team to make their robot less competitive despite being perfectly within the rules, especially considering Typhoon 2 came along the year after Hypno-Disc 'retired'! I suppose the better armour meant spinners weren't quite as dangerous as previously - bit like how flippers were easily the dominant weapon around S1-3 before all the other roboteers got wise and started putting srimechs on their machines...

    That's interesting what you said as well, Maddox, especially qualifying! Didn't realise it was that sort of a thing, just thought it'd be like one of those 'charity' events that they used to do, still going for the win but with a lot less damage being done - that said, the only bits of 'qualifying' I've ever seen are the ones from that Robot Wars Series 1 documentary and the very brief clips/team descriptions of the Series 3 qualifiers, where robots were apparently just demonstrated against breezeblocks or watermelons or something (Hypno-Disc and Toe Cutter respectively)

    I do remember that about Typhoon 2 as well, that was a scary, scary machine... no idea it had done that in qualifying too!

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