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Thread: Team Shock's new Beetleweight

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    I finally got my beetle spinning today. Looks like its going to work well.

    The design

    It's a horizontal spinner with a single tooth 110mm Hardox disc and a waterjet cut aluminium chassis.
    Disc is powered by a 28mm outrunner on 1:1 ratio with a red brick ESC on 3s Lipo.
    Drive is 2 pololu motors with banebots wheels and botbitz ESCs
    Will all be armoured in 2mm ti and 5mm HDPE and is currently just under 1kg with everything except armour.

    And a spin up test

    I aim to fit the drive tomorrow and give it a full test then but it seems good so far.

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    Finished the beetle today. Now has 1.5mm steel for armour but since it only weighs 1.1kg I can always add more if I need to.

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    180mm long x 180mm wide x 40mm high

    Disc is 110mm diameter and 6mm thick

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    I've spent the last couple of days working on a new beetle to run alongside Soundwave- Mantle.

    It's a quarter size version of the heavyweight with a large servo to power the flipper (30kgs torque at 6v but will be running directly from a 2s LiPo).

    Armour is only 1.5mm mild steel but is easy enough to patch up.

    Managed to get it driving today- next job is to mount the flipper servo and get it finished.

    1.jpg 3.jpg

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    Nice job Will just need a manta feather next, give you somthing to do in the shed this Christmas

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    Thanks! Might have to start work on a feather version!

    The beetle is all up and running now. Seems to work well and was 1.5kg on my scales so pretty happy.

    First layer of paint is on- just need to add the blue now.


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    All done.

    Here it is alongside the heavyweight.


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