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Thread: Team Shock's new Beetleweight

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    Just realised that I haven't updated this in ages.

    I got Inertia B and Soundwave 2 working for Stevenage last year but both had a couple of issues. Inertia was about 50g overweight and had problems with the weapon belt coming off over 50% throttle. Soundwave had some dodgy flappy armour and a bent weapon shaft which stopped it spinning properly.

    I dug out Soundwave today and got it back up and running- the armour is now fully welded to the chassis to make it nice and strong and a new weapon shaft has been fitted and it all runs much better now Even had chance to give it a lick of paint.

    Final weight is 1.35kg so there is a little more room for extra armour if it needs it.

    Inertia is largely fixed as well. The belt problem has been solved by remaking the pulley on the disc with a wider flange and I am cutting two small sections out of the chassis in the morning to get the weight down. Pictures to follow.

    I am also working on a new 4WD brick to enter into comps as well. I'm hoping to get most of the chassis made tomorrow but its essentially 10mm HDPE (with aluminium bracing), 3mm stainless scoops on the front and back and 4mm polycarb for the top and bottom.

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    The beetles are now all done ready for the event next week.

    Soundwave now has top panels and an LED wired in- weighs in at 1350g

    Inertia has the top panels finished, new printed pulleys and a tighter belt- the result is terrifying as the disc can finally reach its top speed without ejecting the belt. I've also ordered a couple of spare discs in case I wreck one. Final weight is about 2g under the limit

    Mantle has been reassembled with new motors and Botbitz ESCs, nicely underweight with about 80g spare.

    Beaut 2 is all set for John, now has some HDPE armour to give the spinners something to chew on, the flipper is awesome though and should throw opponents very nicely

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    I see Soundwave has a new shape. You think it'll last more than 10 seconds against RPM this time?

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    The big challenge for him is to see if he can avoid being stacked against the wall (aka losing) against Flatulence the next time they meet
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    I'm hoping the changes will stop it losing in the same way to RPM the armour is now welded on instead of Velcro plus I've got the 500g disc waiting if I feel like using it.

    Failing that Inertia is ready and waiting... and genuinely terrifying! The disc sounds far scarier than the feather version!

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    Quote Originally Posted by teamshock View Post
    genuinely terrifying! The disc sounds far scarier than the feather version!
    But in this dog eat dog game - its not about the bark. Its all about the bite

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