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Thread: Team Shock's new Beetleweight

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    Shane has the arena, The Slaugherhouse,

    Only had one outing so far, but got more lined up for some robotslive events next year.


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    Hi John,

    Both of my beetles use these motors from Pololu

    The flipper runs them on 2s Lipo and my spinner runs on 3s

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    Since its looking like there will be some beetleweight activity at the next AWS I have decided to go for a proper competition one and that meant it was time to make a vertical spinner. After playing around with the CAD for a bit I came up with a design that should work and allow me to use the rather nice 10mm thick, 500g single tooth discs i have. The bulkheads have been 3d printed now to test the concept and if it seems like it will work I will CNC it from aluminium at Uni.

    This is how it looks currently (with the 6mm disc fitted)

    Armour: Titanium/ Steel or HDPE
    Drive: 2x pololu 20.4:1 HP motors
    ESC: 2x Botbitz 10A
    Disc motor: 28mm NTM outrunner
    Disc ESC: 30A Red Brick
    Battery: 3s Lipo

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    ive got the same drive motors on mine, not sure on the gearbox thou but they are are nice and nippy

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    After taking part in the beetleweight competition at AWS 44 I have decided that a few changes need to be made to mine to make them a little more reliable and solve the issues that appeared at the event.

    Soundwave worked pretty well overall, the disc mechanism is excellent and provided some big hits and plenty of damage. The drive is also very good but it simply is not big enough to contain a large enough battery.

    I have redesigned the chassis to have a larger back end to house a new 3s 2200mAh Lipo and free up some space for the electronics. The previous one was only 1.1kgs so there is plenty of weight. The sides will be covered with 1.5mm steel again as this withstood direct impacts from RPM with only minor scratches. This time the chassis will have proper spacers machined to make sure the whole thing stays together properly.

    This is the new version alongside the old

    I am also working on a vertical spinner after getting hold of a new disc (not the one shown here). This will have a larger brushless to spin it but will largely be the same internally as Soundwave.

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    Great, more spinners...

    Looks good though

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