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Thread: Robot Combat Wiki?

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    Not a new idea. The FRA is working on a wiki for UK robot combat. It's just... Taking a while.

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    Roaming Robots (now Robot Wars) used to have a robot database with all the specifications of the robots. It's a shame that it's gone now as I used to love to read what weapon motors or drive motors (etc) the robots used.

    This is slightly irrelevant, but I'm certain that I saw a few spinners (on the database) with HTI motors for the weapon power. Has anyone heard of a robot called 'Kishar'? It looks like it used HTI motors for the weapon.

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    Kishar. Wasn't that one of Tony Booth's.

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    I don't know, but it looks like it used HTI motors (which are around £5 at Robot Marketplace).

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    Early incarnations of Drumroll used the HTI motors, but they were terrible. I got them because they were dirt cheap, but I was usually burning out one per fight, and went through six to eight of them before getting frustrated and converting to Speed 900s. It was my first foray into spinning weapons at the time so they were subjected to inexperience to a degree, but the bottom line is that they're not really suited to FW spinners. Not sure what they'd be like as drive motors though...
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    I know that they have a very high RPM, but if you gear them down enough, they would provide a large amount of torque, and for their size, let alone the fact that they're rated at 1.43 horse-power (apparently) at 24 volts.

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