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Thread: Weight increase

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    BonX went to Robogames 2007, came 6th if i remember correctly

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    "Everything scales with the weight"

    Not necessarily. Feathers still use drill motors after the change from 12kg to 13.6kg. Proportionally these weigh less than they previously did so you can use more weight for other stuff.

    Mind you having lipo around these days helps a lot with the weight when I think back to using SLAs

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    Just keep the weightlimits as is. Changing the weightlimits doesn't make the game more popular, doesn't add to the excitement or makes it easier in the end.

    Of course, the weightchange for the heavies from 80 to 100 kg gave a boost to the amount of eligible participants. But did it improve the total playing field? Nope, we did see more less competitive machines appear on TV, but works of art still were a rarity.

    Same for the feathers. Changing from 12 to 13.6 kg, in exchange for the consumable rule in all classes didn't add a lot. Rather the opposite. Still there are people succeeding in building 16 kg rambots...

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    At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what the weight limit is as it is virtually a new weight class in the uk and makes little difference to the parts used. 1.5 may just be a number but it is a nicer, rounder number that is practically the same and is easier to put on a poster/sign or explain to an audience member. Everyone I talk to is always confused as to why it is 13.6kgs when its such an odd number. Also it appears the decision has already been made.

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    Ok here is where we are at. There was a completly pointless vote and discussion on the weight increase on the beetleweight class. There has been no talk on it and no results. The FRA in my opinion are just too slow and always have been and it does my head in. Nothing ever gets done. We need a concrete limit because there is progress in this class and a lot of interest.

    The weight limit at our Slaughterhouse events will be 1.5kg. If you want to build to 1.362 then feel free but we will allow up to 1.5kg

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