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Thread: Attention Beetleweight builders!

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    Harry is right. I have bought the arena. I will be doing it up during the weeks leading up to the Deeside event and if its still all ok with Alan will be making its debut at the UK champs. The first build of the arena wont be a competition but a trial. Even if no Beetleweights turn up at all the arena will. The beetleweights have been dragged on enough for people. The Arena IS being finished. The build pictures will be on there are some rule changes but only to an advantage. will leave Harry to update progress, arena specs and updates.


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    this has motivated me to start working on my kilobot again, yeah I'll try and get it ready for the event

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    Andy...We have rounded up the weight limit to 1.5kg....just to round it up, no other reason so bear that in mind when rebuilding.
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    yeah ok thanks for that, works in my favour as my parts were a little on the heavy side

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    Is that Kenny's arena he was making?

    Glad one is being made, I'll now finish mine!

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    yes i have bought Kennys and Toms one. Pick it up Thursday. Harry Hills will be running it too with help from Dave Weston. Interest is good so far but i think there will be more when there are pictures of the built up arena. Got some good plans planned too.

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    Excellent, thanks for finishing it!

    Stopped work on the BW when there wasn't an arena. Pleased to now have a reason to finish it, I'll see you soon!

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    The 2 main things will be the weight. Going up to 1.5kg. No reason apart to do a nice round number and it falls in line with the ants at 150g...beetle...1500g....Banning the use of hardox for armour. Hardox discs are fine. The fights will be 3 minutes long...there will be a counting display so your not robbed of time. The arena will be themed. Decided to call it The Slaughterhouse..... So you might get some idea of the theme. I dont want to say tooo much about the arena and how it will look...but i will promise something different. Build pictures will be on my website as it goes. Alan has confirmed the arena will be at the deeside event. Like i said even if no machines turn up at all....the arena will be there hopefully to inspire some to build.
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