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Thread: Axminster Sieg SX2 milling machine

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    Lol fair enough. It essentially takes up the footprint of a bench top pillar drill so if you have a bit of bench space in a garage or shed for one of those then you have space for this

    You also have to remember that this isn't a toy and if work isn't secured down properly then it will go flying so I would advise who ever buys it to also get a suitable clamping kit (I can direct you to one) and/or a decent vice. Definitely no holding onto the work while you try and drill a quick hole here or there!

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    Well because there is now a minimum letter limit on postings I have to type this extra bumph however what I wanted to say was,


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    Nice one

    In completely unrelated news, I need to clear a nice mill-sized space in the Cave of Blunders.

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