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Thread: What is a walker?

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    My interpretation of 4) is that it's not so much a rule as a suggestion i.e. "one option to consider as a motive source for your walker is linear actuators"

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    Lol I never said it worked well but it looks dam cool!

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    Hi Gary
    Your quote
    "Here's a true walker!" So we can deduce that for you, a true walker is one that doesn't work! I'm joking naturally.
    I think we have made some progress. My aim is to have a set of clear tests that confirm the Walker badge under the FRA build rules
    I am looking for the minimum (for simplicity's sake) to satisfy the criteria set out in the current rules.
    1/ It is supported only on it's legs during its walking or turning phase.
    2/ Two degrees of movement must be proved, possibly by showing the gait can be adjusted on a leg Step height or length if necessary.
    3/ can anyone think of other tests relating to the rules only, not what you think should be their.
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    May I ask what was originally wrong with just having a non wheeled tournament & banning walkers from the main (wheeled) competition?
    We'd have more walkers whatever the mechanism was & everything would be the same weight.

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    Say the same for spinners then. ALL designs in fact.

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    Not all designs qualify for a weight bonus.

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    My 2 cents. A "real walker" needs a movement that you see as 2 circles, elipses or multi point movements in 3 dimensions. Up/forward and sideways.
    Up and forward alone won't do, as that could be seen as a shuffler. Or in other words, a Walking Rig. "Easy" enough to build. And if done well, not needing extra weight to be as good as wheels, except the powerconsumption due grip.

    Mechadon is a prime example of a real walker. Stomp, Anarchy, Scuttle and Clawed Hopper are variants on the shuffler principle.

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    Mechadon was completely amazing, it must be said. A thing of beauty, despite not being hugely competitive.

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    Ok, a bit of a leap of imagination, but say several of these devices were attached to a chassis, and each one given a foot.

    Would this be a true walker in people's opinions?


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    Quote Originally Posted by craig_colliass View Post
    2/ Two degrees of movement must be proved, possibly by showing the gait can be adjusted on a leg Step height or length if necessary.
    I disagree that the rules say you have to be able to adjust the step length, I interpret than as meaning you must be able to make the leg go up and down and then separately make them move backwards and forwards, do you could have it so it has a set height that it can travel up and down due to a cam based mechanism, as long as the up and down motion is separate from the backwards and forwards motion.
    I am not sure if I am understanding you fully but you also seem to suggest that you have I be able to adjust each leg individually which agin I don't think is set out by the rules.
    Just my interpretation

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