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Thread: Writer for hire

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    Hi all!

    Here's hoping everybody here has seen Jaws, or this reference isn't going to go very far...

    (Committing a dreadful act of abuse against a blackboard with a robot and a giant pen drawn on it.)

    You all know who I am (well, some of you do), and you all know what I do (well, a few of you do - I'm a professional writer with over 14 years of experience, an editor with over 9 years of experience, a published author since 2000, and I've owned a small publishing company since 2007). And at least some of you need some quality writing - maybe for your website, maybe for some new product you're bringing out, or maybe for a proposal or a press release.

    I'm very good at what I do - I spent years doing PR writing and editing for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Queen's University in Kingston, and thanks to some government research work, I've got a background in strategic communications too. I'm right now doing freelance work writing product descriptions for Darksword Armory, which will be hitting the 'net soon. And, I've written successful product development proposals for Osborne/McGraw-Hill and Darksword Armory. But I'm not cheap - you don't get somebody with 14 years of experience and hundreds of publication credits without paying a professional rate for it. I will, however, make absolutely certain that your underlying message is identified, communicated, and that you get exactly the writing you want, and that it is effective.

    So, if you need some writing or editing done and you're interested, give me a shout. I'm more than happy to provide samples, discuss projects and negotiate rates. It will be worth your time and money - and for that, you'll get good writing, editing support, the whole

    Best regards to all, and stretching Jaws references to their absolute limit,

    Robert Marks

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    I doubt there's much in it, but maybe we can chat about your publishing? There's most definitely a book in me, and I get asked almost daily if I have written one and have to disappoint those that ask.

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