After the departure of my Dad (and also a lot of the mechanical expertise and cash) I've been left to either jack it in or start afresh. I wanted to draw a line under the last 6 months and start my own thread, with my own robots under my own team name. All of my robots will get built from found parts, hence the team name lol.

Geoff is the first robot that I dreamt up with no other outside influences and I've stuck some pictures up below.

I also want to plan a heavyweight, but not in the usual veins of robot design, I'd rather all my stuff was that bit different and unique. Weird forms of locomotion and unusual weapons are the types of things I'll be aiming for. The below sketch is the beginnings of a snake type robot that will slither round the arena and entangle people. I'm just in the process of sketching out the locomotion and a mechanical jaw to bite other robots. I'll update this as I thrash out how it will look and as a add more to Geoff, although now I'm going it alone things are moving dramatically faster as I can work straight out of my head.