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Thread: Ratatoskr Build Diary. (Featherweight)

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    So I decided to document what I've been doing with Ratatoskr, my little pet project of a robot. I started off with just using coca cola boxes and cutting out the necessary shapes to make the main chassis/base for the robot. That went relatively well, seeming as I have a rather large abundance of the boxes... No comment on my drinking habit. :P

    So as explained in the video, I managed to cut out the main basis for the robot out of 15mm thick HDPE, which went relatively easy, considering weather problems and the such. That in total took about... 3-4 hours time over the space of 2-3 days thanks to weather problems.

    But now I'm in more problems, in specifics, the motor mounts. I can't seem to get the hole right the first time, and that in turn pretty much ruined like... about 10 cm of HDPE... I don't know.
    Either way, I may have to look to either getting hose clips/clamps and find a way around tying those down onto the plastic, or look into someone making me motor mounts for the weapon motor and drive motors.

    The thing is that the hole where the motor axle has to go through is roughly 13cm from the bottom of one of the centre pieces, that way I can get the mechanism away from the floor, and other components of the robot.

    So any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had the same problem. Loads of ways to do it I'm sure, but I found paper templates were the easiest, especially since I had a weird little angle that needed jigsawing out too.

    After measuring lots of things and getting it wrong every time I just pressed the part against some paper to make a paper template, cut it out and just drew on it until I was happy with the placement. I marked the center of the drill? motor plus a larger circle showing where the rest of the motor would sit. Then I just taped the paper template back onto the part and drilled through it.

    If you have some decent clamps you can clamp both sides together and drill the pilot hole through both sides at the same time so they will be an exact match.
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    Hi Outlaw,

    Those motors look like the same Bosch 18v motor gearboxes that i made mounts for Chris Sowry as well as my Draper motors.

    The mounts i made were 3D printed mounts that clamp around the profile of the gearbox locking it in place and locking it from rotating.

    Have added an image of the mount to my flickr page - as well as a couple of black mounts for my prototypes.

    The motors should be the same so i could send you a quick trial mount for postage costs and if it is something you want to look at, we can discuss adding side mount holes as apposed to mounting holes on the bottom. I can even redesign it to suit your height wheels etc.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Note the black mounts shown in my flickr page are for argos new motors. the white nylon mount is the one for these 3 screwed gearboxes.

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    So I figured I'd give you all a small update on things. Unfortunately no vids or pictures to document it today, but I thought I'd let you all have a small progress update.

    So, I took into consideration Mr Lownds's advice with the templating, and that somewhat seemed to do the job. I've managed to get a rather tight grip around the main area of the motor, and I need to cut out a little more on the sides of the motor itself, then I can get to work on another mount for the forward area, see if I can get a decent mount for that.

    Unfortunately, in my haste to get it done... I gave my thumb a rather unfortunate collision with a 6 mm drill bit whilst drilling the base holes for said mount. So instead of managing to finish the mount up, I had to take a trip to the hospital to see if I did any serious damage. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, and I feel like a bit of a pillock pardon my language.

    On that note, I'll try to stick with the current mounts I'm making, but if need be, if they don't end up working out, I'll give you a nudge Nat, and we'll go from there.

    So a rather interesting day to say the least... least I should be sleeping decently tonight.

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    Okay. Another update. Managed to get a video done this time.

    Managed to cut out most of the mounts for the motors, just need to get the weapon axle through the side and that little part should be done and dusted and ready for it's weapon pieces.

    Other than that, hopefully in a couple of days when I'm not exhausted (curse you chronic fatigue syndrome), I will hopefully have the mounts fully done and dusted and I'll be well on my way to drilling into the main base plate of Ratatoskr, and from there onwards, I'll be able to do some wiring and lining things up... here's hoping at least.

    PS: I apologise for the absolutely god awful quality of the video, it was kinda rushed and as such, it came out kind of bad.

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    So I did some more work on the robot yesterday and today, and this is what I've gotten up to.

    Before the drive motors were mounted, the weight of it was 6.6kg. Which means at the moment, it's a rather chunky squirrel, haha.

    Either way, I'm quite proud of the progress that I've made on the robot. Making the last two drive motor mounts and putting it all together took from about 1pm till about... 6:45 pm? So a solid half day work. But it made me quite exhausted. Once again, curse you chronic fatigue syndrome.

    So the next things to do on my list is to get some shorter M6 bolts, a decent set of wheels that'll give as little ground clearance as possible, as I want it to sit as close to the ground without getting beached, and start soldering the wires and such up. Oh and drill holes where necessary. And mock up some armour out of cardboard, just to get a feel as to what shapes I need to cut out for that particular job.

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    So as noted, the wheels are on... though it needs a little more work, such as being lined with rubber, possibly from old bike tires and such, but if that doesn't work, I'm just going to try and find some wheels that'd fit the bill. And is there any way to try and get the wheels on the axle more securely than just screwing in the counter helix screw into it as tight as possible?

    Not only that, I have a question concerning wiring of all the components...


    Is this the correct way of wiring it all up for the drive motors? Or am I missing something/got something completely wrong? Any help would be fantastic.

    PS: I know that I didn't add all the markings, I realised that as soon as I put the picture up on here haha.

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    Team Kaizen

    Your wiring diagram looks about right to me. You may want to add in a resistor to the LED strip lighting section though to reduce the voltage to 5v if that is what the LED takes.
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    Thanks. Though I highly doubt that it will need one, it's a 24v LED strip. But thank you either way Michael.

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