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Thread: Skipdiving Robotics

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    but.. it would be AMAZING! haha!

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    Team Kaizen

    Can't see why not, I'd be blown away (bah-dum-pish ). I can imagine it being awfully loud and I would think a fan guard would be needed if it hasn't got one. Be good entertainment mind
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

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    If I'm honest with myself, i know I'm not going to be able to build anything to compete with some of the fantastic creations I've seen on here so far. There are some beautiful and stunning work that i know in my heart ill never be able to come close too. But, i belie if you cant be good, be distinguished! Diotoir (my all time fav!), the many Plunderbirds, Psychosprout, Tentomushi... had there moments but realistically were never going to make an impact compared to the big guns of the time. But that's not what i know and love them for. I loved the uniqueness and artistry of there design and the charm and character of there creations. If were talking the modern reboot than looking at Gabriel, realistically, its not the most effective nor the most destructive, but i love the unique design and behind the big wobbly wheels is a brilliantly engineered machine that i rooted for (along with Nuts!) not because of its destructive force or effective ability's but its entertaining appeal. I love the sprit of the team and its machine! Not everyone can be an Apollo or a Carbide sometimes you have to just be yourself and be damn good at it!
    I like the idea of a hoverbot so much I've been designing my own, so your not alone mate! Go for it! And if you need someone to share with than I'm happy to start a thread with you documenting or research and process and sometime down the line we can have a hoverbot bash at an event or something. After all, the foundations of this sport were layed by enthusiastic amateurs having a go and learning along the way.

    Sorry for the long post, I'm a very passionate person Need a nap now.

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    good to see you again Dave! You still got those wheel chair motors and that body you had made? Cand wait to see what you come up with!

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