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Thread: Skipdiving Robotics

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    I'm loving the innovation here! But don't give yourself a year to build it, its all about getting it started 2 weeks before an event and done the night before

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    All looks good, but Tormenta 1 was entirely chopping board and the material had us fooled right up until the first spinner impact we had. It feels tough, but I promise it's not suitable for full combat. It may survive as a chassis but it may well crack before long even then. You could have driven a car over Tormenta 1, the problem comes not with weight bearing but with high energy impacts.

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    There are several types of HDPE. The "softest" and the one I prefer, is the black HDPE 500. "Easy" to work with, virtualy unbreakable and the lightest of the bunch. The white HDPE 1000 is a tad harder, a tad more brittle- not saying it is anything but resilient- and is less easy to weld. Top End of the HDPE line atm is Dyneema. Yep, that too is HDPE, but you will find that only in line or weave.

    Chopping board , if HDPE, need a tad more hardness, and is probably the cheapest one they can make with the chemical properties of HDPE, but also with a reasonable hardness to avoid fast wear when used for that purpose. Toughness is not even close to the wishing list of the producers.

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    Oi! That's not skipdiving!

    Aren't you supposed go and beach-comb the shell of something and use that for the body... etc?

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    No, No, Dave, this isn't what I had in mind! Wrong way round, mate...

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