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Thread: Skipdiving Robotics

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    Looking good two things I would reccommend;

    1: I'm sure you know this already but you can score aluminium up to about 3mm and it makes the whole 'using metal fatigue to get the size you want' process a lot neater (I've been there!)

    2: For the grabber you're probably going to want a little bit of flex to stop the servo stripping itself - in ants a few people have used clampers made of stiff but springy wire for the purpose. If you can get a decent mechanical hold on the other robot they shouldn't be able to get out flex or no flex!

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    I use a bit of old coat hanger for my beetle grabber... little flimsy but gets the job done.

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    yay glad this thread is active again! You entering 2 bots Dave?

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