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Thread: Sources of metal plate

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    We don't use metal that thick its too heavy. We mostly use 3.2mm Hardox or 4mm if you have to as 3.2 is a bit scarce at the moment.

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    Mute runs with a 6mm ali base plate and it lasted all these years and all the self rights

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    no aluminium should not be cut with any spinning cutters as it tends to melt a create a horrible mess, jigsaw or bandsaws are your only real options, unless you can get a good bech shear

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    Anglegrinding ali is a fickle thing.
    Normal cutting disks clog up and don't cut very well. Als, the chances are reasonably that the disk will shatter.

    One thing is for sure, ali will get a lot hotter than steel for the same amount of work.

    Unless it's a very high grade of ali, a jigsaw of good quality is your friend.

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