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Thread: Robot Wars: October 6th - Maidstone Leisure Centre (WT1)

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    Will Ripper be able to retain the Winter tour for a third time? It will be tough but with its current form it has to be the favourite, or can someone stop it in its tracks ?? well wheels !!! Round 1 begins here !

    Maidstone Leisure Centre
    Mote Park
    ME15 7RN

    Show Times
    Saturday 6pm
    Sunday 1pm

    Tickets on sale via

    Sign ups online now
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    Due to popular demand we have added a Saturday night show for this event and swapped the two Sunday shows for one at 1pm!!

    As discussed at Newport with the roboteers, this new format will be tested, the arena will be open for " play time " on Sunday morning and you will all get home at a reasonable time on Sunday night.

    Robot Wars

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    just wandering how many fw fights are on each day

    oh also would the arrival time be the usual or would it be a bit later

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    I hope to go to this one, have rooms been booked yet? I would like to book the same place as everyone else.

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    be great to see you again Jeroen !

    Should be a great event.

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    Max's Avatar

    Can I ask what age counts as child rather than adult?

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    Children are aged up to 16.


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    any info on how many fw fights are on each day, was aiming to bring my 2 just for the sunday

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