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Thread: Zlayerz RPG: Identity Theft Redux!

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    Last attempt at garnering interest in FRA Fanfic, even if it isn't strictly vapourbot fanfic... so guess what I'm bringing back?!

    Oh yes...

    The story...

    In a world where man and machine are both one and apart...

    The Watcher, sentient referee of Team Zlayerz, as usual, was keeping watch over a fight between two opposing robots. The battle was intense, so intense that it attracted a malevolent presence. Shortly afterward The Watcher's circuits went haywire, and he suddenly crashed into both robots and started to slam them about mercilessly. It was out of control, and could no longer remember what it was, or who made it. All it knew was that it must destroy.

    Destroy everything.

    At that moment, his creator and leader of Team Zlayerz, Kody Kunz, sensed that malicious presence, but hardly had Kody turned to confront the enemy, when he was gone. And so was control of The Watcher. Its AI had been thefted, replaced with vile intent. Unable to calculate how this had exactly happened, Kody formed a barrier around the referee to prevent him from hurting others, or himself. One thing he was quite certain about; the loss of The Watcher's control had some thing to do with that weight of malice he felt.

    With The Watcher's identity stolen, the robotic world was in grave peril from an evil being. Many more robots could be in danger, so he had to act fast. But he could not take on this power; it was out of his hands: he needed help. Stationing his vapourbot team in different portals, he sent out letters to several brave roboteers, and waited...


    The Rules

    1. Vapourbots

    I need some people to enter a heavyweight vapourbot (once I get enough people, I'll start, but more people can enter after, and they will be introduced in subsequent chapters), and the vapourbot must be approved by me. The usual stats are fine. I would also really like having people who would be committed to this RPG enter, not people who enter and then back off after a week or so because it doesn't interest them anymore.

    You must state what your robot's specialty is, as well. I will give you a set list to help you out:

    - Speed
    - Agility
    - Reflex
    - Torque
    - Traction
    - Durability
    - Reliability
    - Weapon power

    Keep in mind that this vapourbot will be your Bot-sona of sorts during your quests. This being, you'll BE your vapourbot. (Not a Moe-bot like what Tracy has drawn; just want to get that out in the open here. :P I mean that for the most part in this RPG, you'll be a fully-functional 100kg armed and dangerous robot.) So choose very carefully.

    2. Damage

    Over the course of the RPG your robots will get damaged. You can repair them at the workshop in the main room, but that will only happen between chapters so you won't get too many chances to use it. You can also use items to repair your robots. Your robot may be immobilized during a fight, and if that happens, that bot is considered dead after the battle. You can only revive dead bots using an item, and you can only bring back other entrants. You cannot bring back realie party members or NPCs, but you can heal them.

    3. Standard items

    There are many items you will receive in the RPG. Only one item can be used by one person/bot at a time, although items can be given or traded between people to suit their bot's needs. Most of these items can also be bought at stores you will find in all the stages. The effects of most of the items are temporary unless otherwise stated. There are many new items as well.

    Here is the list of usable items:

    Healing items
    -Tool Kit (repairs your bot's damage completely)
    -Rebotulizer (revives a dead vapourbot; cannot be used on realie party members or NPCs)

    Boost items
    -Sneaky Skirt (can be used on wedge bots to get under any ground clearance or other skirts, regardless of own ground clearance)
    -Groove Disc (doubles the RPM for a spinning weapon)
    -Dubious Disc (gives spinning weapons a dizzying property which allows them to hit opponents with a force so great the opponent is stunned for about 5 seconds)
    -The Judge's Symbol (increases the power of a hammer or axe by 5 times)
    -T-Minus Stamp (increases flipper power for a flipperbot by 5 times)
    -Razer's Edge (allows vertical crushing claws to lift opponents (up to 250kg) into the air. Lasts the entire battle unless the vapourbot or robot using it is destroyed)
    -Power Boost (doubles the power of any weapon)
    -Super Power Boost (triples the power of any weapon)
    -Hyper Power Boost (boosts the potential of any weapon by 5 times)
    -Chaos Boost (rare item; boosts the potential of any weapon by 10 times)
    -Drive Boost (drive speed, torque, and acceleration double in value)
    -Super Drive Boost (drive speed, torque, and acceleration triple in value)
    -Hyper Drive Boost (drive speed, torque, and acceleration are boosted in value by 5 times)
    -Nitro Boost (rare item; drive speed, torque, and acceleration are boosted in value by 10 times)
    -Bracing Plates (take no damage at all for 10 seconds)
    -Blades of Glory (any tooth, blade, or spike of any kind attached to the robot will damage the opposition regardless of armour value for 15 seconds)
    -Stability Control (increases the stability of your vapourbot by 2 times, and for full-body spinning vapourbots by 4 times, for 15 seconds)

    Status items (these are somewhat uncommon)
    - The Death (drains battery power from an enemy, so they run out of power quicker)
    - The Hanged Man (immobilizes the enemy for 15 seconds)
    - The Hermit (drains voltage from an enemy, so it moves slower)
    - The Emperor (the enemy can't use its active weapon for 15 seconds. Useless on brick rammers)
    - The Fool (confuzzles the enemy, making it attack anything within range)
    - The Tower (weakens the enemy's armour)
    - The World (a very rare item; drains battery power and voltage, AND causes immobilization for 15 seconds. This can be used on all enemies within 25 feet of the user)

    Misc items
    -Gold Bar (can be traded in at any store in the RPG for 1000 points)
    -Platinum Bar (can be traded in at any store in the RPG for 5000 points)

    The special items will be explained through the game.

    4. Side quests

    You may complete quests throughout the game to earn points for items; whether or no you want to embark on them is up to you.

    5. Status

    At the end of very post I make in this thread (except not when not doing a story post) I will display each vapourbot's health (in %) and status.

    6. Party members

    You will encounter real robots like Hypno-Disc and Overkill along the way, and some will join your party. They may be of great use to you, but be warned - if one gets destroyed, then that robot is out completely, and you can't call them back. EVER. All of them can be out at once, so that's a good thing.

    More shall be explained a bit later. Now help me save my refbot!

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    Nevar fear Kod-ee, I'll save your ref-bot!
    Or try to.
    As with last time, Bloody Frigid, Frigid needs to have some fun too.
    You know where she be.
    Weapon powar is my speciality~
    Is kay?

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    It's k.

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    No Consequences please, and Reliability as its specialty. You know where to look I hope?

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    I do.

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    I would like to enter a modified All Bar One if I can do a redesign in time otherwise I'll enter the current one.

    Dunno what to specialise in though...

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    Hell yeah I'll enter this, but I dunno with what yet.

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    Jordan - Alrighty.

    Martijn - Awesome.

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    You can count me in!

    I'll have Pyrrha in scoop format, with it's specialty being durability.

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    That makes five! Cheers Lian!

    One more, then I'll start...after everybody's stats are in, that is. Keep in mind that other people can still enter, but they will be introduced in the next chapter.

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