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Thread: Zlayerz RPG: Identity Theft Redux!

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    If the stats are okay for All Bar Some I'll enter it.

    Still can't decide on a speciality though

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    LIAM!!! Good to see you again mate!

    Jordan, those stats are fine AFAIK. And if I may suggest a specialty, it could be durability.

    Just need Liam and Martijn to enter a bot, Jordan to list a specialty, and we're good to go.

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    So it does give a bonus... durability it is then.

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    the most recent one

    will be my bot

    weapon power my specialty

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    Most appreciated, Martijn!

    Just waiting on Liam and Jordan now.

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    Sorry for my slowness

    Robot Name: Apocalypse II
    Weight: 100kg
    Shape: Box wedge with sloped sides, ala Storm II. The front wedge is angled at 30* to get under opponents, and the sides are sloped at 42* to deflect spinners. The rear is rounded for easier self-righting.
    Length: 85cm
    Width: 75
    Height: 20cm
    Motivation: 2 x internal HDPE wheels, each are 175mm in diameter and they have vulcanised tyres for extra grip, plus they are mounted like Tazbot€™s for more manouevrability. They are in the front of the robot so that the front turns rather than the rear, ala Merlin.
    Drive: 2 x S28-400 magmotors run @ 24v from 2 x 3600mAh NiCad battlepacks; this should provide about 9 horsepower.
    Armour: 3.2mm hardox monocoque for the most part, strengthened in certain key areas with extra 5mm titanium/vanadium alloy sheeting.
    Weaponry: The robot is a decent pusher, but on top there are three sets of Mute-style barbs, one on each side and one running down the flipper arm. They run all the way along the top of the robot and slope down the wedge, and are tungsten tipped to allow it to trap robots on top, and once their stuck on top they can€™t get free.
    The second weapon is what I use to get rid of the robot stuck on the barbs. It is a Bio-Hazard style 4-bar flipping arm, but unlike Bio-Hazard it is run off full pressure pneumatics, meaning it will easily throw robots out of the arena. It is 30cm wide and runs down the centre of the robot, made of 4mm hardox and powered by a 120mm x 100mm bore stroke ram @ 750psi from a 1.5kg gas bottle, giving it about 10 flips per round, which should be enough. On the front of the flipper arm there is a strip of 8mm grade 2 titanium, which should aid in getting under the other robots. The two barb-strips on the outer sides are themselves electrically actuated via an A28-150 magmotor @ 24v, hinged at the rear. to be used to conserve gas when self-righting and also to tip robots into the pit/used as lifting arms should the flipper fail.
    Speed: 20mph
    Ground Clearance: 0 at front, 8mm at sides and rear, but this is protected by 5mm titanium skirts made of grade 2 titanium.
    Turning Circle: Using the skid steer system ala Razer gives Apocalypse II a 0 turning circle
    Srimech: The 4-bar flipper can right it in less than a second, but to conserve gas the lifting barbs on either side of the machine are generally used, righting the robot in 1 second.
    Colour: Apocalypse II keeps the colour scheme of the old one, with dark blue bodywork and a red weapon. The barbs are black.
    Strengths: Powerful weaponry, unique strategy
    Weaknesses: Limited gas for the flipper

    I'll have Durability as my speciality, if that's okay

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    All is well, Liam.

    Jordan, may we have your specialty so I can kick this off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daliad100
    So it does give a bonus... durability it is then.

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    Ahhh...silly me. I did not think to look back at the previous page carefully.

    Right. I shall kick this off in a bit.

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