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Thread: Team Saint Robot Builds

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    Hi guys
    I would agree with the comments, I don't think Disney would worry if an eccentric makes a droid for his kids (and himself) to play with in the garden.
    Rory that is similar to the way I was going to attempt it. I have ordered some omni wheels and a mixer, will be ordering some speed controllers and other bits to mock up the sphere runner. I have always wanted one of those omni robots anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by typhoon_driver View Post
    With regards to the movement of the machine itself, it appeared from the trailers to be completely computer generated as far as I could see so transporting this to real life may be a bit tricky.
    Except for when it put in a physical appearance the other week

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    Given that the real droid was made by Orbotix/Sphero, I'd guess that it's essentially a massive Sphero with a couple magnets on an arm that the head follows. (with a few rollers built into the head to allow it to move smoothly)

    A light (essentially empty) head piece would explain why it is able to move as quickly as it does and the rest of the setup makes sense given the company that built it.

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    Thanks for the input guys I think I have figured out the mechanical side of the project, I just need some info on the size of the main parts I think the main body sphere is 500mm and the head dome is about 300mm diameter. the lenses on the head i have no idea what they are or were to get them. if you know of a reliable sorce for this information I would be very grateful.

    On another note.

    In the picture above you can see the motor can of one of the drive Bosch750 motors for Cherub. The last fight when it was unceremoniously thrown OOTA. the magnets came adrift , fortunately the clip that holds the magnets in place (with the adhesive) fel into the armature jamming the whole motor so when I took it appart the armature was in perfrct condition. I had a spare can with the magnet retaining kit already fitted. A nice easy fix.

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    I have been doing some comparisons and have concluded the base sphere is about 500mm diameter, and the head is about 300mm diameter.
    So I am going with this until I hear otherwise.
    the base sphere is proving hard to source.
    This company comes close but the closest size is 580mm a little too big.
    If anyone comes across something similar but 500mm please let me know.

    the parts ordered so far are :-
    Motors 600rpm 12v
    omni wheels

    I will need to order 2 more speed controllers and an Rx.
    the first part of the build is the omni wheel base.

    this should be fun on it's own.

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    Been doing some work on the speed controllers for Gabriel
    I have decided to go for Roboteq speed controllers, they are two channel units but for this application I am using them as single channel this requires on this type a little soldering as shown below. the result is I hope a reliable method of running mag motors in an axle bot.



    On the ball robot I have taken delivery of the head dome this is the 300mm unit, I at this moment am finding suppliers for the 500mm dia ball still hard to find. the ideal is a polycarbonate sphere, in two halfs with no flanges. I can find any of the two but not all any help here would be appreciated.

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    I have been wondering how to fit the fuses and links into the revised Gabriel, I want to separate the electrics into two parts connected only by the radio receiver. the Andersons and maxi fuses seemed the best method.



    The fused link isn't finished as it will receive a plastic plate on the back for pushing the link in and a strap or loop for easy ejection of the link.
    This fuse is rated at 100A so on Gabriel it will have a total fuse capacity of 200A this robot is running big Ampflow motors. but maxi fuses go down to 30A this is close to Featherweight stuff.

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    First things first
    For all the Star Wars Fans
    May the Forth be with you.

    On to more mundane things the speed controllers in Gabriel are coming on. the big problem is the continual lack of space for the Roboteqs


    As you can see I have had to stack them one on top of the other and pack a lot of wires between them, the problem was I designed Gabriel for a Wotty but these came up cheep so plans changed, as you can see there is now 2 links one for each speed controller and associated LED.
    I still have to find room for the RX and the V-tail mixer, yes things are that tight! but by the end of the week I hope to have this part of the modifications done. leaving the modifications to the wheels to provide them with a crude torque limiter in the hope this will spare the drive gearboxes.

    With regard to the BB8 project
    I have ordered most of the basic drive train.
    the Wheels, hubs, motors, speed controllers (all 4 off). Also the mixer the RX I am planning on using a 3s LiPo around the 3-4 Ah. the motors will not draw much more than 2A when stalled so this should drive the thing all day! the chassis will probably be Polycarbonate, it's strong and I have lots.
    I am probably going to build a "flat floor chassis" first to test run the innards before I do the unit for the ball, in the ball the motors will have to be inclined at an angle to accommodate the curve of the sphere.

    Still not found a suitable sphere for the project so Keep looking 20" or 500mm diameter is the target plastic preferred Polycarbonate or any plastic that can be painted 5mm thick split into two.
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    Don't you have a DX6/6i for Gabriel? No need for a v-tail mixer with that.

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    Some parts have arrived from the suppliers, I don't know how they will act in the ball but first thing is to get the mock-up chassis working on the flat
    the electronic part is the mixer this is connected between the motor speed controllers and the Rx


    Still waiting on the small motor units and some speed controllers,

    Dave your right I can use theDX6 mixer on the Tx, but I tend to default to the V-tail mixer units just my style of doing things.

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