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Thread: Robots Live Challenge Nut 2013

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    Next year will see the re-launch of the Challenge Nut, sponsored by The plan is to work it like before, with the holder being challenged at each of our events. The main difference is the challenger will be drawn out of a hat on the day of the event, this means teams won't be forced to enter if they are still in the competition, also makes it abit fairer so people can see the drawn done.

    The first challenge will be done at Whitwick, with the two robots being drawn out of the hat, the winner will then carry it forward to Burgess Hill.

    Good Luck!
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    As said before, the challenge nut is re-launching at Whitwick, but as an added incentive, there's now a £50 cash prize and a Mini-Quad Copter for the winners, plus of course the massive nut! Thanks to for the prizes, make sure you've signed up to the event for your chance to win!
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    Well we have a new holder of the Challenge Nut, Big Nipper took it off Beast at the European Championships. The UK Championships will be the last chance this year for you to challenge for it, if you want your name in the hat, post below or PM me.

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    Screw it, I may as well. Noisy Cricket FTN (For The Nut!)

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    Manta and Maelstrom are up for it too

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    Can you put TR2 and Toonraider in please

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    Right, lets change the question - who doesn`t want to be in the nut? :P
    My 3 loves - Rugby, Racing, and Robotics.

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    Just been given the green light to put Titan in!

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