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Thread: Robots Live! European Championships 2013-7th & 8th September

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    Robots Live European Championships 2013

    September 7th and 8th will see a quantum leap forward in events as Robots Live team up with the Team Storm Academy to bring a European Championship event with a target to raise £20,000 for Children's Charities in the UK.

    As part of their charitable work The Robot Wars World Champions Team Storm, will be bringing the funding required for the event and Robots Live will be working with them and the charities, to run the event. Everyone involved in the event is giving time, effort and input at the lowest cost possible but at the same time we want to look after those of you who are the real stars of the show in return for enabling us to raise money for charity.

    The important stuff that you need to know

    Where is the event Norwich, close to East Coast ports (eg Harwich, Felixstowe and straight up the A14/A11 from Stansted Airport)

    When is the event September 7th and 8th 2013

    Will there be a prize fund YES !

    Will there be trophies YES !

    Will this become an annual event We certainly hope so

    Will there be assistance for European Teams attending YES ! (Leo will be coordinating our European Entries)

    Will we be helping with Accommodation for teams ? YES !

    Will there be food provided for the teams ? YES !

    Are there some more surprises to reveal.. of course !

    We're expecting more entries than we can accommodate at the event with this being open across Europe, so will be announcing when registration goes live in the near future

    People have been saying for a long time they want an event where the competitive pressure is on, the rest of the pressure is off now you need to prove you can deliver!

    The robots are coming.

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    This sounds really good, Hope new Saint will be going by then!
    If not the revamped Cherub
    Never Mess With THE SAINT

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    Yup...Best news I have heard all year. Good job Air is having its full Revamp. Nice one Ed and Robotslive.

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    Yep that's great news, don't want money give it to charity but I never turn away a trophy
    Where is it ? Be a miracle if ed gets the uea !
    Suppose this would be more than 2days then, would obviously help out any any way I could.

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    An event in East Anglia? Unheard of!

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    Is that just outside Norwich? Wow... thats out of the way!

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    The UEA is in Noriwch.

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    Ill have to try my best to get down to this, though it will be the first week in a new school for me, I don't want to miss the European Champs

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