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Thread: 3rd Year Thesis Project

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    Hi Everyone

    I have been struggling to choose my final year project. We are supposed to look for a problem without knowing what we would do to solve it eg: Assault on police in riot gear, 60% of new mothers not breast feeding etc... and then go back and pick apart the problem to find possible solutions.

    The best two problems I have come up with are 'Portable Power Sources In Remote Locations' and 'Reducing the strain on parents when moving young children in and out of vehicles. I know neither are particularly inspiring.

    If anyone has or knows of any serious problems that really could do with solving; be it safety issues, social, security, anything... tell me and I will see if I can make a project out of them.



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    Just curious what course you are doing sounds similar to the kinda thing i get on my BSc Product Design course??

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    People not reading enough? Reading not being cool? People not getting enough exercise? Peoples body/back posture not being right? People not realising they are out of milk? People losing their keys? Vandalism? Lack of recycling? Lack of composting? Lights/taps being left on? Noise from roads/streets keeping people awake at night?
    A load of random ideas that sprang to mind

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    Right either:
    moving a heavyweight robot around, including over the lip & the uneven boot of a car
    A way to minimise floor space taken up by a baby buggy on a bus, whilst maintaining all existing functionality, with the function of hanging shopping off the handles. Without said buggy falling over.

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