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Thread: Heavyweight Robot Needed!!

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    Simple HWs are easy to fix, theres so much space inside them. Fixing Eric Jnr is a nightmare, takes about 2hrs work to change a wheel/motor. They're complex and expensive to make though, so FWs are probably a good bet.

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    Build one from scratch. You will learn far more

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    Hmm. Without reliable speedo doable.

    Come over to the House of Chaos for a week, and leave with a basic heavyweight.

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    @Tony, in all fairness it's not very clear you're selling your HWs and when I did find the thread it reads like you don't actually want to! :s
    Crap about your ankle, I guess that's the problem with HWs, they are heavy....

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    ant feather heavy.
    start with an ant. £50-100
    keep the TX and put it in a fw. £60 without TX.
    then a heavy.
    you will need a trailer, a stand (preferably height adaptable)
    that's like £500 for the stuff for a hw before you start

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    Yeah I wasnt too sure about it when I wrote that, but just wanted to know if there was any interest before making my mind up. Had a few enquires now so thats making me think

    I have 4 HWs and dont have a trailer or height adjustable stand. No idea where you get these things from sometimes....and before you say you need a trailer if you have a small car, I have a Matiz.

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    That's a point Tony, a hydraulic height adjustable trolley would make it easier for you to work on the heavies

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    RUC, just a Q.

    Sometimes we get a new member here who doesn't use punctuation nor capitals. But you go the other way. Why capitals on every word?

    And I can sell you any weightclass of robot, for a fair price, depending on your wishlist.
    But £500 for a sparkling new heavy, will be an old school one, with a lot of 3th hand or obsolete parts.
    A competitive feather is doable.

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