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Thread: 'Failsafe'ing Receivers

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    Where are people getting there OrangeRxs because the one I have just stays in it's last known position when I power of the Tx, ie. Full throttle.

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    I have used spectrum DX6 (3 off) and DX5e (3 off) plus the Technobots Saturn radio and had no problems, the only thing I have had to watch is the controls and trim positions are in the place I want for fail safe, before I bind the radio. I do try to insulate the Rx from shock and vibration perhaps this helps.
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    Craig DX6's are great for robots, but unfortunately there now old hat and all DSM1 rx's are getting hard to come by...

    Jeroen - I'd suggest a dx7, I use one for my rc plane/robots etc and it's great... Plus it works with DSM2 rx's and it failsafes on all channels, also are a good price on eBay now. Dx6i I'm told only failsafes on the throttle?

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    I think it's Rx dependent.

    I also discovered that DSM Rx output a false signal on startup and then revert to where your sticks are, which ruins any calibration on the ESC since they pick up this false signal.

    It also rather worryingly means the ESCs can output power (wheels or weapon!)

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    Thanks Dave DX7 fail safe on all channels that's useful info, though I will probably keep the old stuff till it breaks! I have just now done an aerial mod on the DX5e were you put the aerial in the RX case so it won't get broken.
    I did a test on Tron and worked a treat.
    I'm sure it will reduce the effective range but for robots that's not really a problem, test it for real at Leeds
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    Good mod that, I thought about doing it to mine... I remember woody posted a link years ago to a rubber duck type aerial mod, tried to find it before but failed.... So woody if you read this....

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    Where do people get their OrangeRxs?

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