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Thread: FW flipper chassis

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    £25 rolling chassis, 2 x 12 v drills and 100mm robochallenge wheels.

    doesn't come with the ram, but another can be put in its place happily.

    box section chassis hdpe and poly armour weighed around 12.6kg when i originally finished it

    can bring to RL leeds or that manchester one

    pm me if interested

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    Ill have that calum, pm me

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    Quote Originally Posted by ady
    Did u get my pm from this morning Callum?
    Probably yes. Calum just hasn't responded to any PMs yet. Patience.

    Edit: Yes Adrian, your message stays in your outbox until Calum logs in again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ady
    does it stay in outbox until he opens it?
    Yes. Until he logs in actually.

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