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Thread: Dirt Buggy

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    I don't know if this forum is for other robot projects or for other general projects we've got on the go, but thought people might be interested to see what I'll be working on this summer.

    It's a custom built buggy with a FZR750 engine in the back. I picked it up on Thursday so this is how it'll look until I get back from uni in July.

    [attachment=2:1ae4v3c3]Buggy 1.jpg[/attachment:1ae4v3c3]

    [attachment=1:1ae4v3c3]Buggy 2.jpg[/attachment:1ae4v3c3]

    [attachment=0:1ae4v3c3]Buggy 3.jpg[/attachment:1ae4v3c3]

    It had a 650 twin Yamaha engine but when that blew they decided to extend the chassis (that's why it looks a bit rough at the back end) and drop the 750 in. There's a lot of work to get it going again but all the parts are there so hopefully I wont have too many problems.

    Here's some some of those theoretical numbers we love that led me to this slightly impulsive buy and will hopefully keep me enthusiastic until it's finished:

    Bike top speed : 149mph
    Bike power : 105 hp
    Bike 0 - 60 : 3.3 seconds
    Approximate buggy weight : 375kg
    Approximate buggy bhp/ton : 283 bhp/ton
    Dodge viper bhp/ton : 263 bhp/ton
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    sounds great

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    looks awesome! Any more progress?

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    What's the red car in the background ?

    That yours too ?

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    Me and Dan (mostly Dan, I'm pretty useless when it comes to engines!) spent the whole summer working on it, haven't really got all that far....

    Several steps back, like the engine not have the ignition unit, drive chain fouling on the frame, sigh. Getting there though.

    The car in the background is Dan's 65 MG Midget, awesome fun!

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