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Thread: Team Hell's Antweight Arena

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    Hey Guys

    I am sure you know by now that I have been running an antweight arena for a while now, but its not been in the best of shapes.

    I've decided to finish it off properly, starting with the arena effects. This is my new arena flipper in action:

    ... ature=plcp

    I will be adding a motorised pit, full polycarb outer casing and also some steel walls to replace the bendy HDPE ones.

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    Thats the plan, yeah, but only people who want to fight the spinners or do demos, you won't be forced to fight spinners unless we are running a formal competition.

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    nice one dave.
    spinner time :twisted:

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    Haha, that's birlliant!

    May have inspired me to make an AW. I know Dan's making a few at the mo.

    I've got some 2mm Ti and HPDE, Li-Ios bats and tiny motors knocking about, be rude not to!

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    Looks good Dave!

    I'll have to try and bring the Inertia's along to a few more events once you've got the polycarb added

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    steel magnetic floor?
    what about non spinners because spinners will be in that arena 24/7.
    is it a good idea to build another non spinner arena?

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    This arena is for RR and RL, so very few people would bring spinners, but I want to be set up for them to give the public a good show.

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    Oii, haven't you got another arena to be building right now? Stop slacking!

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