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Thread: Team Hell's Antweight Arena

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    I think spinners will become very popular

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    Quote Originally Posted by razerdave
    This arena is for RR and RL, so very few people would bring spinners, but I want to be set up for them to give the public a good show.
    I'm curious how the arena's going work for a 'kickabout'. One of the things I like about your arena 'currently' is the very fast reset when I fall down the pit. It allows me to get more driving practice in.

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    Jamie: built the arena, then had to come to work . I was meant to be off this weekend and be at Aylsebury, but I had to work because I had the FW UK champs off work, so I went there this morning to set up the arena and then back down the A34 and A40 to go to work .

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