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Thread: The Crash & Burn Tournament 5

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    Well I know I'm going to get some complaints for even mentioning this, but... there's basically nothing holding up the Fanfic section anymore. Martijn, I know you keep saying that this place dies and revives in cycles, but I don't think it's reviving this time. Unless some sort of MIRACLE happens, that is. Who even cares about this area of the forum anymore?

    This in itself has made me lost the motivation to complete this tournament fully. There is absolutely no more interest, save a few people from other forums. OTHER FORUMS. And with this, I'd like to hereby announce my official retirement from FRA Fanfic after I do something quick with this tournament. It's been a slice. Really.

    If any of you really feel that this is unfair, drop me a message and I'll explain my reasoning in further depth. I don't bite. But right now, pretending that FRA Fanfic is going to suddenly boom would be optimistic to the point of foolishness, I fear.

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    Right. I said I'd do something quick with this tournament, so here we go.

    In Memoriam...


    Heat A
    Mobile Failure 2.5 (1) vs. Delirium Tremors 1.42

    Delirium Tremors had a good try but in a war of trying to see who would pit who, Tracy came out on top and the 1st seed marched on!

    Killotine: EVO vs. Broken Wings

    Broken Wings used its axe to pound the utter tar out of poor Killotine: EVO, who had to settle for another Round 1 exit to the chagrin of builder Steven McGregor.

    Heat A Final
    Mobile Failure 2.5 (1) vs. Broken Wings

    In the end it was Mobile Failure's shoves to the bumper hazards and constant pounding on top of Broken Wings that gave it the KO, but it nearly suffered one itself!

    Heat B
    Sheer Heart Attack 2 (3) vs. Revenge of Theseus

    The Lumina Cloth arena wasn't too kind for the 3rd seed, and Revenge of Theseus shoved it out after a minute.

    O.I.D. vs. G.R.O.S.S.

    Not a good start for the "newcomer" Josh Noel. O.I.D. managed to get to the sides and ravage it.

    Heat B Final
    Revenge of Theseus vs. O.I.D.

    Samuel Park gains further ground in the Lumina Cloth arena by shoving his 2nd spinner in a row out.

    Heat C
    Gabriel V (5) vs. Pyrrha

    Gabriel managed to flip Pyrrha out of the arena very early on, and then took on Asterix Anarchius and tipped him over too!

    WhipCoil vs. The Green Hornet

    In the battle of greens, only one came out on top: WhipCoil. The Green Hornet was subjected to all the Casino Night Zone hazards and dismembered unpleasantly.

    Heat C Final
    Gabriel V (5) vs. WhipCoil

    Unfortunately there wasn't much of Gabriel to grab, so WhipCoil lowered the jaws completely. This gave him the leverage he needed to get back in the game after being shoved to and fro by the tricky seed, and allowed him to overthrow Gabriel in the judges decision.

    Heat D
    Venus Fly Trap II (7) vs. CrOoKeD EvO

    The Land of Confusion arena reared its ugly visage in this heat, and CrOoKeD utilized this by tossing Venus into the corner thrusters, which sent him very high indeed. After several of these unpleasant air rides, the impacts caused something within the 7th seed to break. CrOoKeD moved on!

    Another Brick in the Wall vs. Assegain

    Sadly Assegain's weapon worked nothing the way it wanted to against this particular opponent and it was rammed all over the Battlegrounds until eventually falling into the pit.

    Heat D Final
    CrOoKeD EvO vs. Another Brick in the Wall

    Lumina Cloth arena, so you'd think a rammer would win this, correct? No sir. CrOoKeD managed to outmanoevure the crafty Badnik machine, flip it once, and wedge it to drive to the edge, and dump it down!

    Heat E
    LockJaw Epidemic (9) vs. Gehenna 2

    So far it's been a seed massacre... LockJaw was looking to put an end to that, and succeeded in feeding Gehenna to Casino Night's bumper hazards. Thus, also succeeding in winning the match by KO!

    Flick of the Wrist vs. Stormbringer

    NFX's FRA career didn't have the best start at all. Stormbringer was shoved all around DeGroot Keep and within a few minutes was unable to move and left to the mercy of the house robots.

    Heat E Final
    LockJaw Epidemic (9) vs. Flick of the Wrist

    And sadly the seed massacre continued. Seemingly nothing could stop Flick of the Wrist, and LockJaw was slammed into the Battlegrounds' pit early on.

    Heat F
    Mornington Crescent (11) vs. BIACS By Popular Demand

    A quick win for Team Braveheart as BIACS was turned into shredded wheat before 45 seconds had passed.

    Smashy Smashy vs. System Shock 4.0

    A shove later and that was it for Smashy Smashy. He just couldn't hold his own on the Lumina Cloth arena.

    Heat F Final
    Mornington Crescent (11) vs. System Shock 4.0

    In an incredible shock, System Shock was knocked out after several blows which took their toll on the chassis and dislodged a motor. Only after Mornington Crescent had been given a full-hazard tour of the Land of Confusion arena though. A seed broke the trend!

    Heat G
    Bloody Frigid (13) vs. Maelstrom

    The number 13 claims another victim... its seed-holder! Maelstrom OOTA'd Bloody Frigid in barely 15 seconds!

    Compression vs. Preda Raptor

    Badnik was right about Compression being unable to grab much, but it didn't matter because Compression got under Preda Raptor every single time until the end of the match, where Preda Raptor was pitted.

    Heat G Final
    Maelstrom vs. Compression

    However, Compression's claws were a fatal hindrance as Maelstrom got under one, popped it up, and shoved Compression into Casino Night hazards the entire match until Lewis' clamper gave out from all the abuse.

    Heat H
    Nidhogg┬│ (15) vs. Revolver Ocelot

    Try as it might, Nidhogg couldn't get a good grip on Ocelot and spent all the match chasing it around and taking damage. At the end it was moving rather slowly and that did it in as Ocelot won the decision based on damage dealt.

    MiDAS vs. Axeon 4.0

    At the other end of the spectrum, these two axebots came to blows akin to the matches in the first heat. MiDAS' versatility, however, would eventually get the better of Axeon and Andy's bot got pushed over the edge of the Lumina area.

    Heat H Final
    Revolver Ocelot vs. MiDAS

    An arena that would have favoured MiDAS let it down here. MiDAS hounded Ocelot all around DeGroot Keep but kept having its front forks smacked away, and they were incredibly bent. On the other hand, it managed to damage Ocelot's weapon array, but Ocelot then was able to use its rear end without fear of MiDAS' front forks, and shove MiDAS around. Ocelot won another tight JD.

    Heat I
    Genocide (16) vs. Wedga Ennea

    Genocide was flipped all around the shop before it could probably spin-up. Wedga did accidentally hit one of the Casino Night bumpers and get smacked away, but after taking three blows from Genocide was able to get both it under control, and the match. Man, the seeds get no love, do they?

    S.O.T.A.R. v2 vs. Darkestar

    Alas, poor Darkestar, yeh were too young! S.O.T.A.R. proved too powerful and ripped the tracked vertical spinner to shreds.

    Heat I Final
    Wedga Ennea vs. S.O.T.A.R. v2

    Wedga defeats its second spinner in a row by pinning it on the side of the Land of Confusion arena before taking too much damage.

    Heat J
    Imhotep (14) vs. Apocalypse II

    Apocalypse does away with the seed with another OOTA, killing off yet ANOTHER seed. It then tried and failed to flip King Leer, another a few smacks from the enraged house robot.

    Hypertension 4 vs. Druid 3.0

    Hypertension 4 joined its eventual next opponent in the OOTA (possibly) club by tossing Druid 3.0 out after a surprisingly long contest in the Lumina Cloth arena.

    Heat J Final
    Apocalypse II vs. Hypertension 4

    The hardest judges decision in the whole series. Incredibly evenly matched. Both had their share of flips, both took damage from the house robots, and both traversed DeGroot Keep like champs. But only one moved on, and via aggression, it was... APOCALYPSE II.

    Heat K
    Psychosis (12) vs. Coldforge

    The first hit itself killed both robots... until the judges saw that Psychosis was twitching, therefore showing signs of life.

    BugaBOOM vs. Cryoseism

    A much better contest for NFX than he previous attempt, as Cryoseism messed Samuel's Park bugbot up bad before pushing it (and itself) down the pit.

    [u]Heat K Final[/i]
    Psychosis (12) vs. Cryoseism

    Unfortunately Psychosis didn't recover well from the previous match and the first giant hit took it out immediately, leaving Cryoseism to move on.

    Heat L
    Lime-y (10) vs. Munch

    The surprisingly efficient Munch disposed of the 10th seed fairly quickly via a drop-out from the Lumina Cloth arena. Lime-y was just too lengthy to manoeuvre around the attack well.

    V For Vendetta vs. Truth or Consequences

    Not Lewis' best moment. V was tossed all around the DeGroot Keep and finally pinned up against a wall it couldn't right itself from. Truth or Consequences then became the first robot to take out both house robots this tournament!

    Heat L Final
    Munch vs. Truth or Consequences

    Despite ToC's bulky size, Munch was able to latch on just as easily as last match and feed it to the Casino Night bumpers, knocking a few batteries out of place. Running on half power, ToC soon was KO'd.

    Heat M
    Under Pressure [8] vs. Equinox II

    Under Pressure pitted its foe very quickly indeed, in a record 9 seconds. Shunt then came in and pitted IT! ...and then fell on top of the competitors for some reason.

    Slammer VI vs. All Bar Some

    Translational spinners for the win! Slammer was sent back to the slammer via a KO through shock damage.

    Heat M Final
    Under Pressure ( vs. All Bar Some

    Judges decision we went to, since Under Pressure couldn't grab All Bar Some properly, but neither could All Bar Some effectively take the seed out of commission. Jordan took the decision via, amazingly, control.

    Heat N
    Black Panther (6) vs. The Servant's Assistant

    Alex Holt finally made some noise in this tourney, flipping and axing Servant into a hash that was then fed to the Battlegrounds' killsaws.

    Kraze vs. Mad Dash 2.0

    I scream, you scream, we all scream... for OOTA!!! And that's just what Kraze gave us. 2 of them, in fact! Mad Dash went out... and then Dead Metal, one of the harder robots to simply invert, followed! Team DarkZlayerz rep Count Bleck then gave Kraze a nasty scar for its trouble.

    Heat N Final
    Black Panther (6) vs. Kraze

    That's about all the noise Alex Holt would make. Kraze racks up its 3rd OOTA with a flip over the DeGroot Keep wall.

    (cont'd next post)

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    (continued from previous post)

    Heat O
    Achilles (4) vs. I.A.N.

    Remember I said Alex Holt was done making noise? He wasn't. He really wasn't. Achilles actually managed to get I.A.N. beached on top of one the Casino Night bumpers. He then activated the roulette which let Sir Killalot into the arena. Killalot then grabbed I.A.N. and let him down... only for Achilles to barge back in and flip I.A.N. into another bumper, knocking its failsafe out!

    Vertigo vs. Frustum

    Vertigo racked up an "OOTA" as well. The Lumina Cloth spikes popped up and would have prevented Frustum's demise had Vertigo not sent him so high.

    Heat O Final
    Achilles (4) vs. Vertigo

    Two similar robots... Achilles went with the hydraulic system this time. It allowed him to control Vertigo and send him to hazards efficiently, netting him and the seed team the KO and win!

    Heat P
    Wedge Devolution (2) vs. Eye of Ran II

    Both Steve and Joey have one bot left in the competition, and everything for them depends on this match... it went to a judges decision, who gave it to Eye of Ran II based on damage.

    Back to Rock III vs. Shego

    The S3-lookalike was lifted over the fence by Back to Rock late in the match, after taking some heavy damage from Shego's blade.

    Heat P Final
    Eye of Ran II vs. Back to Rock III

    Back to Rock's front holds up well to the spinning blade and eventually Martijn gets it stopped and dumps EoR II over the edge of the Lumina Cloth arena, thereupon ending Joey's tournament run.


    Series Semi-Final 1, Round 1
    CrOoKeD EvO vs. Achilles (4)

    Achilles goes with the pneumatic system and gets another OOTA down to record in his personal records. The seeds haven't given up on championship glory yet!

    Kraze vs. Apocalypse II

    The battle of four-bar flippers! However, Apocalypse's better controlling of the opponent led to massive flippings which managed to take their toll. Not on Kraze's drivetrain, but its own flipper. It didn't run out of gas, but ceased to work. Once inverted, it was counted out.

    WhipCoil vs. Flick of the Wrist

    WhipCoil ends the rammer's reign of terror by getting around the forks and grabbing the front corners to deliver Flick's wheels to the Casino Night bumpers. Flick's control was compromised after that and WhipCoil easily won the JD.

    All Bar Some vs. Wedga Ennea

    Andy himself even thought he was doomed, but his robot proved him wrong as Wedga managed to stack All Bar Some in the DeGroot Keep arena just a minute into the match.

    Round 2
    WhipCoil vs. Achilles (4)

    Major upset - after being flipped around for most of the match, WhipCoil pulls off a Battlegrounds pitting with 10 seconds in the match! Dylan moves on.

    Wedga Ennea vs. Apocalypse II

    Another late-match win. Apocalypse tosses Wedga all around the arena, but loses gas for the flipper. Wedga then tosses it over. As Apocalypse tries to use its lifting barbs, Wedga pins it against the Land of Confusion arena's wall. Wedga is the pin master! And master of this match, as Andy gets his second Grand Final appearance in a row.


    Series Semi-Final 2, Round 1
    Maelstrom vs. Cryoseism

    Do you remember what X-Terminator 3 did to St. Agro's wheel? Well Cryoseism completely removed Maelstrom's wheels here, removing them from the tournament.

    Revenge of Theseus vs. Munch

    Munch was flipped and then flipped over Lumina Cloth's wall of spikes before it even had a chance to self-right! Samuel Park moves on and Jordan Brown, sadly, is out of the tournament...

    Back to Rock III vs. Mornington Crescent (11)

    Back to Rock continues its reign of dominance over powerful spinners and gangs up on it with the house robots in DeGroot Keep. Despite this, it nearly lost the JD, but aggression swung it for Martijn.

    Revolver Ocelot vs. Mobile Failure 2.5 (1)

    Like MiDAS before it, Mobile Failure was unable to get Revolover Ocelot under control. Furthermore, it took untold beatings to the unprotected sides and was out of commission before the end, eliminating the last of the seeds.

    Round 2
    Back to Rock III vs. Revenge of Theseus

    A very back-and-forth match between two excellent robots, but the resulting JD was given to Back to Rock, very slightly but in all categories.

    Revolver Ocelot vs. Cryoseism

    There was a lot more to hit on Ocelot then on Cryoseism. Eventually a wheel got knocked off and that took out Ocelot's control and any hope he had of winning. Josh, sadly, did not make a Grand Final.



    WhipCoil vs. Back To Rock III

    Both incredibly well-controlled robots, but there could only be one winner. Eventually Back to Rock managed to get WhipCoil to the pit, but WhipCoil drove over the lifter and Back to Rock nearly put himself in! As he stopped to reposition, WhipCoil barged in from the side and drove Martijn's robot in!

    Wedge Ennea vs. Cryoseism

    This really should have been closer, but alas... Cryoseism managed a lot of good hits, but once Wedga Ennea got in there, Cryoseism couldn't escape and it was all over. NFX watched his robot get flipped all over the place and eventually his srimech got disabled by the Casino Night bumpers. Undeterred, Cryoseism tried to spin itself onto its wheels, but in vain, allowing Andy a chance to "defend" his title!

    3rd-place Playoff
    Cryoseism vs. Back to Rock III

    Cryoseism managed to do what no other spinners had and disabled BtR's sawblade after multiple hits. It was as far as he got though, as Back to Rock flipped him over and then took him to the Land of Confusion arena's corner thrusters. A nudge before the flip came altered Cryoseism's trajectory, and Back to Rock got an OOTA, gaining 3rd place! Well done to Nick Fisher and Cryoseism for getting as far as they did though.

    WhipCoil vs. Wedga Ennea

    We had to use the Battlegrounds for this. No way we can use any other arena for it.

    Wedga gained an early advantage by flipping WhipCoil into the killsaws and damaging WhipCoil's tire a bit. After a few flips, WhipCoil then grabbed Wedga's side and fed him to the Discs of Death at the sides of the arena, damaging Wedga's side greatly. Wedga then nearly managed to flip WhipCoil over the fence, but WhipCoil stayed in. It used its plow to push Wedga into one of the hammer corners, but it didn't do much to Wedga. Wedga brought it back to the killsaws and then WhipCoil really started to lose precise movement. It was still tricky though, because WhipCoil was perfectly invertible. WhipCoil then grabbed hold of Wedga as Wedga was trying to get to the wheels, and nearly shoved it down the pit! But the loss of proper mobility meant that WhipCoil missed the pit, threw one of his OWN wheels over it, and delivered Wedga to Matilda, who lifted Wedga up with her tusks and tried to throw Wedga in the pit WITH WHIPCOIL IN THE WAY. WhipCoil miraculously managed to escape the pit, but in doing so knocked Wedga loose and allowed Wedga to get at his side, but WhipCoil survived ANOTHER OOTA attempt. As this happened, WhipCoil again managed to get its plow under Wedga's side, and SHOVE IT INTO THE OPEN PIT!!!

    Tournament rankings
    4th = Cryoseism (Nick Fisher)
    3rd = Back to Rock III (Martijn Benschop)
    2nd = Wedga Ennea (Andrew Jackson)
    1st = WhipCoil (Dylan McCarthy)


    Well that's it friends. That's the last ever Crash & Burn tournament. I wish I could SAY I'm sorry it had to come to this, but... yeah. :/ I do legitimately apologize for leaving out the other-weights, but I didn't have enough entrants or stats.

    I'll still be as active as ever on other forums, but here marks my official retirement from at least tournament writing. If activity peaks up again, I'll still compete, still redesign my machines. But from here on in, I'm putting the pen down.

    I'm at least glad I managed to get the tournament series as far as this, and I thank EVERYBODY who entered in each and every one of them. A really big thank you to you, guys.

    Catch you all later, in a far, distant galaxy. Until then, Crash & Burn.

    - Kody

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    Well that was a tad disappointing a turn out... Congratulations to the winners though!

    Can I make a suggestion though - it's clear that people are a bit too busy in general to be putting up the size of tournament we have had in the past, or consistancy, but I don't think that necessarily means there is no interest. I'll create a quick thread about what I'm think to draw it to more people's attention...

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