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Thread: The Crash & Burn Tournament 5

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    Hey Badnik! And Lian, consider your space reserved.

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    So I have two seeds eh? I haven't got around to doing my proposed updates though so you'll have to settle with robots as they are.

    Black Panther

    I've lost all my otherwight stats though unfortunatly, so unless you have them saved somewhere, would you mind just entering a lucky dip of realies as I don't really have the time to work out a brand new set of robots at the moment...

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    I have the stats of Sith, Tiny Tengu, Blizzard MW (who won MW), and Red Knight saved, Alex.

    As for your antweight realie, would Razzler be okay, since you entered it last tournament?

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    Yeah, that'd be fine thanks.

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    Presenting... Team Bloodmage AKA Team Legion's bots!


    Dranzer Spiral (Stats to come soon) No bonus points for those who recognize the name :wink:

    Druid 3.0.
    Weight: 100kg
    Shape: Mortis in its Battlebots, season 2 guise, for those who dont know what it looked like, think Series 4 but with protective/anti wedge plates on the sides
    Colour: Black at the front, and gold at the back.
    Dimensions: 100cm x 80cm x 30cm
    Drive: 4x 24v S28-400 Magmotors, powered by 5x 3000mAh NiCad Battlepacks
    Locomotion: Mortis-style titanium tank tracks.
    Armour: 6mm hardox
    Speed: 18mph
    Ground Clearance: 0mm at front and sides, 5mm at the rear.
    Turning Circle: 0m
    Weapon: The weapon is a full-pressure Co2 flipper running off of a fire extinguisher, using 2 70mm bore 90mm stroke rams. the flipper is not only the front wedge, but also the top of the robot.
    It should flip about 750kg half a meter into the air.
    Srimech: Flipper
    Strengths: decent flipper, good traction and good armour all round
    Weaknesses: Inexperienced, weak at the rear
    Bio: Druid is dusted down and improved and is back once more
    Win/Loss Ratio: N/A

    Weight: 80-100kg, depending on the setup used.
    Shape: The robot without any setup on it is shaped like Tornado, back when they didn't have the interchangeable weapons.
    Colour: White with a blue and gold trim on the edges, and a picture of Pyrrha on the top
    Dimensions: 85cm x 75cm x 25cm
    Drive: 4x S28-400 Magmotors, powered by 3x 25.9v 5000mAh LiPo battery packs.
    Locomotion: 4 Goodyear go-kart wheels.
    Armour: 4mm titanium
    Speed: 15mph
    Ground Clearance: 0mm at sides and back due to skirts. 5mm without skirts. The front ground clearance varies with the setups, but unless otherwise noted is 5mm.
    Turning Circle: 0m
    Weapon: 2 different interchangeable setups.
    1: A set of Panic Attack-style lifting forks, powered by a 50:1 reduced 25.9v S28-400 Magmotor. It can lift 250kg. 0mm ground clearance under the forks.
    2: A Behemoth-style lifting scoop, using a 75mm bore 100mm stroke ram and a 2kg Co2 tank running at 150psi. It can flip 400kg and lift 500kg. 0mm ground clearance at the front.
    Srimech: Invertible in all setups Setups 1 and 2 can self-right the robot.
    Strengths: More simplified and efficient than Sauron
    Weaknesses: It was designed by me

    The Servant's Assistant
    Weight: 100kg
    Shape: Box with a wedge on the front ala Mortis
    Colour: Behemoth style yellow and black stripes
    Dimensions: 0.36m x 0.76m x 0.91m
    Drive: 4x 24v S28-400 Magmotors, powered by 5x 3000mAh NiCad Battlepacks
    Locomotion: 6 internally mounted solid rubber wheels.
    Armour: 6mm thick Titanium all over. 3mm Polycarbonate baseplate
    Speed: Limited to 18 mph. Can reach 40mph.
    Turning Circle: Zilch
    Ground Clearance: 0mm at the front. 8mm elsewhere
    Weapons: A full-pressure rear-hinged Co2 flipper which starts off from the back of the robot and finishes at the bottom of the front wedge powered by a fire extinguisher using a 70mm bore 100mm stroke ram. It can flip 500kg.
    Srimech: The flipper of course. Hubs on the sides to stop it being stranded
    Strenghs: Fast despite speed cap. Good flipper
    Weakness: Not sure
    Bio: The Servant takes on a new shape and armour. Will do proud. Or will it flop. Only time will tell
    Win/Loss Ratio: 3/2

    Anticide (Realie)


    Archmage 1.1
    Weight: 13.6kg
    Shape: An invertible box with a wedge at the front. It looks like Pillow Torque, except for the lifter which partially sticks out the front.
    Colour: Apple green all over. Lifting arm has the words Don't give in scribed in gold.
    Dimensions: 47cm x 30cm x10cm
    Drive: 2 Astroflight C40 motors, using a 15:1 reduction, powered by a 19.2V 3700mAh NiMh Battlepack.
    Locomotion: 4 Pillow Torque-style wheels.
    Armour: 3mm titanium
    Speed: 10mph
    Ground Clearance: 0mm at front. 4mm elsewhere.
    Turning Circle: 0m
    Weapon: A 4-Bar electric lifter, powered by an Astroflight C90 motor. It can lift 75kg. The lifer now has 2 small spikes on it to stop opponents from getting away whilst it slams them around
    Srimech: Invertible, but the lifting arm can self-right it.
    Strengths: Fast. Reliable lifter.
    Weaknesses: Exposed wheels.
    Bio: Its exactly the same as the old one, but with a new paint job and modification for the lifter.
    Win/Loss Ratio: N/A

    The Prosecutor (The Judge's LW version, if not allowed then go for the LW Typhoon)


    Weight: 54KG
    Shape: A low, invertable box with a wedge on the front
    Colour: Silver with a golden lifter
    Armour: 5mm thick titanium all around
    Dimensions: L(75) W(50) H (30)
    Traction: 4WD urethane rubber wheels
    Motor's: 4 S28-400's powered by 36v NiCad battlepacks
    Speed: 10MPH
    Turning Circle: 0m
    Ground Clearance: 0mm at the front, 5mm elsewhere
    Weapons: It is a rambot as its main weapon, but the front wedge is actually also a lifter powered by a regular linac motor.
    Should be able to lift 75KG
    Scrimech: None, its invertable
    Strengths: Fast, reliable lifter
    Weakness: Not effective when inverted
    Notes: Inspired by FW robot L.A.S.E.R.
    Win/loss ratio: N/A

    Metallic Doom
    Weight: 150kg
    Shape: A low box ala Drillzilla.
    Colour: The left half is red, while the right half is black.
    Dimensions: 107cm x 95cm x 17cm
    Drive: 2 36.3v LEM-130 motors powered by 11x A123 Battlepacks
    Locomotion: 2 Drillzilla-style shuffling feet, giving Metallic Doom good traction and pushing ability.
    Armour: 3.25mm hardox
    Speed: 20mph
    Ground Clearance: 0mm at the front, 5mm elsewhere.
    Turning Circle: 0m
    Weapon: A pair of horizontal crushing jaws, each which looks like the one used by Suicidal Tendencies, powered by a Vivoil Pump and LEM-130. Each jaw has a 2:1 ratio giving it 9 tonnes at the ram and 4.5 tonnes at the tip.
    Srimech: Invertible.
    Strengths: Nothing wrong overall.
    Weaknesses: Average everything.
    Bio: The 6th Team Blood Mages(a subsidiary of Death Robotics) creation is rather average overall...
    Win/Loss Ratio: 5/2

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    Okay guys, Mark Elam wanted to join again. We've had our differences in the past but I'm allowing him access again. Since he is still currently banned from here, I'm allowing him to sign-up here instead: ... st=0&#last

    So, he now has a reserved space. Also, Zarte Siempre wishes to enter. Realies have been doled out for him due to previous otherweight stats not being found.

    Other reservations will be found below. Josh and GF93 are from ARC and reserved spots there. If I'm incorrect, let me know post-haste and I'll correct the issue.

    1. [Nick Schuch entry]
    2. [Nick Schuch entry]
    3. [Nick Schuch entry]
    4. [Nick Schuch entry]
    5. Gabriel V (Joey McConnell)
    6. N³ (Joey McConnell)
    7. Eye of Ran II (Joey McConnell)
    8. Broken Wings (Joey McConnell) ^
    9. [Badnik96 entry]
    10. [Badnik96 entry]
    11. [Badnik96 entry]
    12. [Badnik96 entry]
    13. Dranzer Spiral (Lian Walsh) ^
    14. Druid 3.0 (Lian Walsh)
    15. Pyrrha (Lian Walsh)
    16. The Servant's Assistant (Lian Walsh)
    17. Achilles (Alex Holt)
    18. Black Panther (Alex Holt)
    19. Slammer VI (Alex Holt)
    20. Darkestar (Alex Holt)
    21. Hypertension 4 (Zarte Siempre)
    22. Delirium Tremors 1.42 (Zarte Siempre)
    23. BIACS By Popular Demand (Zarte Siempre)
    24. Assegain (Zarte Siempre)
    25. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    26. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    27. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    28. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    29. [Tracy Farber entry]
    30. [Tracy Farber entry]
    31. [Tracy Farber entry]
    32. [Tracy Farber entry]
    33. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    34. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    35. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    36. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    37. [Steven McGregor entry]
    38. [Steven McGregor entry]
    39. [Steven McGregor entry]
    40. [Steven McGregor entry]
    41. [Josh Noel entry]
    42. [Josh Noel entry]
    43. [Josh Noel entry]
    44. [Josh Noel entry]
    45. [GF93 entry]
    46. [GF93 entry]
    47. [GF93 entry]
    48. [GF93 entry]
    49. [Mark Elam entry]
    50. [Mark Elam entry]
    51. [Mark Elam entry]
    52. [Mark Elam entry]
    53-64. [empty]

    1. [Nick Schuch entry]
    2. Jigsaw V (Joey McConnell)
    3. [Badnik96 entry]
    4. Anticide [realie] (Lian Walsh)
    5. Razzler [realie] (Alex Holt)
    6. Kwijebo [realie] (Zarte Siempre)
    7. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    8. [Tracy Farber entry]
    9. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    10. [Steven McGregor entry]
    11. [Josh Noel entry]
    12. [GF93 entry]
    13. [Mark Elam entry]
    14-16. [empty]

    1. [Nick Schuch entry]
    2. Redemption (Joey McConnell)
    3. [Badnik96 entry]
    4. Archmage 1.1 (Lian Walsh)
    5. Sith (Alex Holt)
    6. Aargh [realie] (Zarte Siempre)
    7. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    8. [Tracy Farber entry]
    9. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    10. [Steven McGregor entry]
    11. [Josh Noel entry]
    12. [GF93 entry]
    13. [Mark Elam entry]
    14-16. [empty]

    1. [Nick Schuch entry]
    2. Falling Down (Joey McConnell)
    3. [Badnik96 entry]
    4. The Prosecutor [realie] (Lian Walsh)
    5. Tiny Tengu (Alex Holt)
    6. Toe Crusher [realie] (Zarte Siempre)
    7. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    8. [Tracy Farber entry]
    9. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    10. [Steven McGregor entry]
    11. [Josh Noel entry]
    12. [GF93 entry]
    13. [Mark Elam entry]
    14-16. [empty]

    1. [Nick Schuch entry]
    2. Heroin (Joey McConnell)
    3. [Badnik96 entry]
    4. Blaster (Lian Walsh)
    5. Blizzard MW (Alex Holt)
    6. Deadblow [realie] (Zarte Siempre)
    7. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    8. [Tracy Farber entry]
    9. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    10. [Steven McGregor entry]
    11. [Josh Noel entry]
    12. [GF93 entry]
    13. [Mark Elam entry]
    14-16. [empty]

    1. [Nick Schuch entry]
    2. Drive (Joey McConnell)
    3. [Badnik96 entry]
    4. Metallic Doom (Lian Walsh)
    5. Red Knight (Alex Holt)
    6. Diesector [realie] (Zarte Siempre)
    7. [Andrew Jackson entry]
    8. [Tracy Farber entry]
    9. [Martijn Benschop entry]
    10. [Steven McGregor entry]
    11. [Josh Noel entry]
    12. [GF93 entry]
    13. [Mark Elam entry]
    14-16. [empty]

    ^ - bots that need complete stats

    So that's how things are panning out thus far. Need three more entries people.

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    If theres a space left il'l happily enter something, reserve for me SVP?
    Entry's soon

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