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Thread: Walkers

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    Here you go

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    What motors etc do you use in that?

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    The motors are from Mike The guy who owns the boxing robots and the heavy Pressure.
    they are about 250w 24v with a reduction gearbox on them, they then go through a 2 stage chain reduction with a torque limiter.
    Surprisingly the speed controller that works best on this, is a Sabertooth 2X25. similar to the ones used in the featherweights, Spectrum radio and 12v 12A sla batteries, these can be connected in series or parallel, either for faster speed or longer running, normal link and activation LED.

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    So it works just like a normal combat bot, just with those big legs

    Did consider doing somethig like that at one point, no idea what motors would work though, wheelchair ones might, but without any additional reductions?

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