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Thread: Boxers

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    Now you might have something there, the boxing arms shouldn`t be difficult to make using servos.
    If you build one it will encourage others to as well, its something I`d like to have a go at.

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    Max's Avatar

    I was just thinking a featherweight boxer category would be good fun- it would allow you to use powerful pneumatics bit still be quite cheap. But maybe a lighter category would work as well? Maybe a beetleweight category so they can be a bit more powerful but servos/cheap electronics would be effective
    I would love to build a boxer

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    so lets decide on some rules and a category and build some

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    would make a great change from building the usual combat robots

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    Max's Avatar

    I would say you want a weight of around 6kg, so you can use pneumatics or electrical systems and obviously the weapon has to be boxing arms

    There should be some rule on how the arms has to move, rather than just moving horizontally straight in and out in a not very boxing style way if you understand what I mean

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    I reckon as long as its life like ish I reckon people should use their imagination. It really ought to be about knocking bits off, damage and knock outs.

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    like what life like
    can anyone shoot fire from their butt

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