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Thread: Good Websites for Newcomers

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    so for example
    watt calculator
    as originally posted by archie2000
    antazz(tony) would you like to.start the new thread?
    do the honours

  2. #32 ... aupner.htm
    graupner motor comparison table

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    Antweight roboteers forum and events calendar:

    Dont think starting a new thread would help as it would just go the same way, but it might be good if I could just copy all the links people have given onto my first post and delete the rest of them to keep it tidy, that way people are free to post new links which I can copy onto the original post then delete their post. Would mean I could also organise links into sections i.e. materials + component shops (which I can arrange into motors, esc, plastics, metals, general etc) calculators and tools, forums, cnc/water jet/general material cutting and so on.

    Is it possible to give me admin/editing rights on just this one thread or even just the websites section Kane? That is of course if no one objects to the idea?

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    sorry for forcing that idea upon you
    if this if kept as a draft copy and we make a new one where you are the only one whi can post there to save usless links being posted

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    Didn't force any idea upon me, I just had that thought as I was putting that last link up and think it'd be a good way to keep the thread tidy while still allowing people to post useful links

    It'd be easier to use this one as the main copy though, as that way I can copy a link to the main post then delete it, so I don't forget which ones i've done and haven't done, and also it means that everyone doesn't need to post the links they posted all over again.

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    I've rewritten the front page of this to incorporate all the links i've been given. Looks a lot tidier than having to dig through 3 pages and will hopefully be more useful to everyone.

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    lol tony get rid of.the.3 part mph calculator
    looks great though

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    Not sure why Jamie would do it... I can't delete posts, I just compiled them into one big post and Kane edited the original for me.

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    sorry tony dont know where that came.from

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    Came across this;

    if its not in there, its not worth knowing when it comes to building your first robot. I was amazed at how in depth it was... although i havent read it all word for word.

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