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Thread: How to make an antweight

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    Are you going to the AWS in Reading? It would be a great opportunity to see what ants are all about. Plus I'm sure plenty of people would let you have a poke about their robots and give some good advice.

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    AWS40 is on 23rd March at Reading University. If you're nearby come along and have a look, we're a friendly enough bunch.

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    I am completely new to this, but would love to get involved and build one. I was wondering if anyone was willing to add an update to this sticky with working links, a detailed part list and a simple photographic how to/wiring? Maybe just a build out of cardboard.

    I don't want to pay for a kit, but then I don't know enough to get receivers and controls that would work together etc. Can anyone help me out? I could design a CAD frame easily enough, it is more the cheap internals for something like a flipper or horizontal blade ant I need help with.

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    Even something like this with the other parts needed would be helpful

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveimi View Post
    Hi, there is a forum dedicated to ant weights :-)

    If you chat to these guys they're well up on building ants cheap :-)
    Thank you. I see they have kits.
    The controller side of things confuses me a little i.e. how do I buy/use controllers and crystals?

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