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Thread: Tilly 101

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    How did that disk system work? Looks fantastic and something worth replicating but looks very hard

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    Friction-drive as far as I know. A couple of electric motors -> attach wheels -> touch wheels onto rim of spinning disc -> energise motors = spinning disc.
    Probably not too hard to put into practice.
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    Wonder if that could be converted to a FW design?

    Bet someone with more skills than me could do somethig like that

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    You'd have to have some very high rpm motors to make it spin anything like as fast as modern FW weapons, as the reduction of small wheels onto the rim of a disc would be huge. Although less classy perhaps, I think a fullbody would be more effective.

    Edit: that's assuming keeping to friction drive. With a more conventional transfer system I don't see why it wouldn't work well.

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    The motors that LS4 has just been fitted with would definitely work! And if you used a huge planet gear for the disc then you would be able to get most of the power across.

    I have been knocking this concept around for a few weeks in my head to see if it was feasible and in order to get the power for the dic and the mechanics involved I was going to make it a walker as well. So imagine something similar to LS4 but with Anarchy style legs sticking out the top and bottom. That way you can devote up to 5.44Kg to the disc and still be inside the 20% weight rule.

    Not only that but at twice the normal weight of a feather pus the gyroscopic effect of the body it would be incredibly hard to turn over. Though if you did things could get very ugly, very quickly!

    (I must be mad to be considering this as my next build!)

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