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Thread: Near Chaos Robotics

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    Decided to be productive last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harry hills View Post
    All that hardcore engineering and then...googly eyes.. lol.

    Any film of the axe? Looks hella cool.
    Going to do some initial testing first at low power, then turn it up to competition level for the videos.

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    Lifter Test:

    Axe Test:

    Both were done with the Ragebridge set to 50A, so for the lifter that's a straight 50A limit, for the Mag each set of brushes was getting 50A, so ~100A total. Max planned current for the axe is 140A. (70A per side)

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    Video of the axe at 140A-

    High speed video (120fps) at 140A-

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    Looks scary - what is the material the axe is hitting?

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    NFX's Avatar

    Looks great, I have to say. I do like having been able to see it move from CAD through the construction process to where it is now. I also like the "ding" at the end of the axe demo. As if it's saying "Your fries are ready".

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    It's hitting 1/8" 6061.

    Speaking of CAD files, NFX, here's the lot of them-

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    The instructable on Nyx is live. Covers the full process and includes the original cad files along with alternate parts suggestions where applicable.

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    Spanky was due for a bit of an upgrade, so after quite a bit of design work and some laser & waterjetting I put this together:

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