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Thread: Gimson Robotics

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    Ah, thats useful (that the technobots wheels fit). Does anyone have a weight for those and what is the wheels profile? There is no dimensions besides diameter on the technobots site.

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    Where did you get Technobots from? If you mean Robochallenge I think the tyres are 25mm across and the weight would depend on the size of the tyre.

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    Yes, Robochallenge not technobots... sorry. So 25mm wide with a 100/75mm diameter.

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    The 100mm ones are in the area of 200grams each. Not sure about the 75mm ones, don't own any.

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    Just received the motor drives. My first impression is only positive
    And for the price I don't think they will be bettered,
    If you do the sums for two drill drives from Robo Challenge and the cost of two of these units,
    I think these new motors could be the new standard in the Featherweight class

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    Thank you for the kind words!

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    I've been having problems with the forwarding on the email address- apologies if any of you have been trying to contact me through it, it's likely your emails will have bounced. Please use the .com equivalent of the aforementioned address or alternatively if you need to get in touch, both of which are working as of now.

    I will be posting about some new products later this evening.

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    New products for 19/12

    We have added a number of products to the GR01 Accessories page and to the newly added electrical accessories page.

    I hope some of you will find them useful!

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    ec3 connectors=

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