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Thread: Gimson Robotics

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    Having been able to look at them in detail, they look like some very nice units. I'll be ordering a couple (to start with) when wages come through and see how they perform.
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    What's stopping that front bearing poping out? Circlip on the output shaft?

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    Cheers Craig, your order's been boxed up and will be sent 1st class on Monday. Do let me know how they get on!

    Re Dave: The bearings are press-fits (there's two, another on the hidden side of the Nylon front section), which is a more permanent solution in Nylon (as opposed to aluminium say) given its ability to deflect and maintain a compressive force on the outer bearing ring. They're not going anywhere basically, especially considering the lack of axial loads on them

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    And if you'e not sure, there are enough inserts to mount a thin plate in front of the bearing.

    I'm waiting for the next month before ordering a set..

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    What off the shelf wheels are compatible with these motors? Or do you have to custom build them?

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    Robochallenge ones with nut inserts

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    Yep they'l work fine

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    Would the gears fit Argos drill motors?

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    Possibly- they are the same size (with different styling) as gears from an Argos drill I bought three years ago, but as budget drills sometimes change design I can't say for sure.

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