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Thread: Robo Challenge on Gadget Show's 200th Episode.

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    As you know we do alot of work for Channel 5's The Gadget Show. We have recently finished building and filming 2 new projects for The Gadget Show that will be shown this monday coming (10th October) as part of their 200th episode to try and set 2 new world records.
    Preview of whats coming up is in this link - ... -episode-9

    Looking forward te seeing it now

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    Looking forward te seeing it now
    More so if your creations fought eachother at some point......

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    We need to keep all of our projects in tact for show's such as the gadget show live! Although I do hope to find some time to finally get my own robots working again soon..

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    Nice going guys!
    Got enough Li-Po's on that bike!? Didn't recognise the brand of battery though.
    Have you since gone faster than 72mph with all 6 engines?

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    Just watched the episode, very cool machines! And what was it, 85HP or something on the dragster?! 15 or so HP from each engine, that's some serious power on its own!

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    Thanks guys

    Ye it goes pretty speedy now with all 6. Its a completely different animal We have added a few build pics and a testing video to our site so make sure you check it out

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