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Thread: LiPo Sacks

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    No, the rules clearly state that the lipo must be removed from the robot. This isn't just to stop batteries going pop whilst charging but to examine the pack to ensure it hasn't swelled or been damaged.

    The other issue you would have is that if the lipos did ignite then they would take the rest of your robot with it and you would wish you had taken it out.

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    O and further to those steps above,

    Remove lipo from robot
    Charge lipo and examine lipo

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    Yeah, ever since Thomas Kenney's lipo exploded at the Franklin Instiute, it's essential that the battery is taken out of the robot and charged in a bag. It's no biggie, especially in a beetle. All you have to do is unscrew the lid, take the battery out and into the bag.

    Unless of course, your battery is protected under some kind of lockdown system?

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