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  1. Every year the event just gets better. Big...

    Every year the event just gets better. Big thanks to Robochallange for all their hard work and letting us use the workshop to keep LS4 running.

    Litter hitter 3 v NST was the best fight we've had...
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    Sticky: The older you get the more you want things to...

    The older you get the more you want things to stay the same. This website however seems to be the exception
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    Re: Graupner motors

    LS4 does use speed 600s but with drill motor gearboxes, it originally used drill motors but we ran out after breaking them with the shocks.

    Drill motors work fine and we use them in most...
  4. Re: 12th to 14th of January 2012 -Mechatrons RoD Dublin, Ire

    Mike, We didn't bother to even apply this year because we have been rejected every time. You are correct, organisers only have so much money towards costs and we only have one heavy so understand...
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    Re: thoughts ???

    I agree, it seems like the last 12 months FP Flippers are dominating, sure there seems to be more flippers than any other type but as so many people have already said on this thread there are a lot...
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    Re: ride on powertool drag racer

    Like the Idea of Bracket Racing since we have full torque limiting on each Angle grinder, repeatable times would be very easy. Guess we would soon get banned though.

    Seriously though the big...
  7. Re: Power Tool Drag Racing! September 25th Entries open.

    Alan, don't forget the detour to pick us up when we break down on the way :)
  8. Re: Power Tool Drag Racing! September 25th Entries open.

    Automotive isolators are only rated at low voltage, try to use them at high voltage and the contacts usually weld together. Couldn't find a resonalbly priced single one so got a 32A 8way isolator...
  9. Re: Power Tool Drag Racing! September 25th Entries open.

    Alan looks really good. We went with the beach buggy as should be stable (and it was cheap on ebay), allthough with the 5hp engine that came with it, it could lift the front wheels of the road, that...
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    Re: Spinning Bar vs Spinning Disk

    Spinning Disks are a Pain :) as gary said main problem seems to be making them strong enough. I prefer horizontal disks since they tend to be more stable especally when flipped, but eveyone has...
  11. Thread: Team member

    by big_nipper

    Re: Team member

    What you need is someone with a Feather Axe :)

    You could start auditions?
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    Re: Controlling bots with bluetooth

    Failsafes, mean for a robot point of view that it must come to a controlled stop when loss of radio signal is detected. This also applies to any weapons in that they must not activate...
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    Re: Combat Robot Hall of Fame - Balloting Open

    Since Big Nipper won the UK champs, maybe it should go up in rankning too :)
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    Re: POLL: Whats your teams colours?

    Titianium Colour :)
  15. Re: Robo Challenge Tag Team Champs & Power Tool Drag racing!

    Yeh, always need excuses. Tried it at the weekend at my sisters house. No power problems there :) just broke the drive pins and hit a concreate block at the end that knocked off the 2 front wheels....
  16. Re: Robo Challenge Tag Team Champs & Power Tool Drag racing!

    Was hoping you would know the type of trip used. I expect a 13A fuse but 13A trips are very uncommon. Our problem is in-rush current so a type A and B trip 16A don't work for us. Would be a shame...
  17. Re: Robo Challenge Tag Team Champs & Power Tool Drag racing!

    I got a question as well.

    What power supply is avalible for the dragsters? More specifically what type of trip. We currently have a 16A Type B curve MCB and this cuurently trips when starting...
  18. Re: Robo Challenge Tag Team Champs & Power Tool Drag racing!

    Was looking at youtube over lunch, This is one I've not seen before Take a look after about 23 seconds see if you recognise him :) and his wheels.
  19. Re: 18/19th July - Royal Int Air Tattoo - Roaming Robots

    Another great event, still the best on the calander. Shame about the weather sunday but big nipper and little hitter seem to do OK in the rain. Not sure what happened with the football rules but...
  20. Re: Robo Challenge Tag Team Champs & Power Tool Drag racing!

    Graeme will put some piano wire loops at the front and back, hopefully will stop it. In the vid it doesn't sound like it but there were cushions to stop it at the end, it just missed them and hit an...
  21. Re: Building Robots out of RC Cars and Monster Trucks

    I would agree, don't use an RC car for a featherweight.

    By the time you make it 13.6kg it wouldn't have enough power and most probably burn out. If you leave it at around 2kg then I sugesst...
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    Re: 2009 FRA Heavy Weight UK Championship.

    I'm in a moaning mood today!

    Is it just me or does the scoring system seems a bit strange to me. I mean if you look at the leage table take for example Big Nipper and And His Army, Cabraken. Why...
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    Re: Mag S28-400 magnet retaining kits

    I would have thought it would, we have both types and cannot see any difference other than the length. We also use home made retaining kits for big nipper after find out the hard way.
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    Re: safety issues

    In an Ideal world all would agree the new 2.4GHz systems are far better and if writting the rules from scratch the older type '40MHz' sets should not be allowed. Personnally I dont have a problem...
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    Re: Cim motors - help!


    Would be interested in getting a spare for big nipper.
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