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    Ensign Wedgeley Crusher (FW Sportsman)

    You're braver than me... Though we are hoping to put together a full combat machine next year sometime.

    The mix of robots and numbers in

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    First beetleweight robot

    Looks great! Congrats on your first build and hope it does well in Edinburgh.

    I think it's been covered pretty well already, but I've also

    McMullet Today, 13:42 Go to last post

    First beetleweight robot

    Welcome to the forum! Nice looking bot.

    Fuses as links is OK, I've seen this in the Featherweight class. 3mm aluminium will stand up to most

    Ocracoke Today, 13:16 Go to last post

    First beetleweight robot

    Thanks. Ordered the aluminium from metals4u but didn't know there were different grades. I imagine the proof of the pudding will be in the arena. We're

    DaveB Today, 11:10 Go to last post

    First beetleweight robot

    Yeah, the position of the the link is spot on there my dude, and to be honest we are talking shaving a few grams, it's probably more of a last ditch effort

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    First beetleweight robot

    Thanks both. Its encouraging to know we're not too far off. The fuse holder is a medium sized one we picked up in Halfords. Its the first thing in line

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    James Williams

    First beetleweight robot

    Hi David

    Firstly, I don't see using velcro to hold the link in place being an issue, however if a tech checker hypothetically did take

    James Williams Today, 09:21 Go to last post

    First beetleweight robot

    Welcome! That looks like a really solid effort for a first go, you should be pleased!
    I've seen fuses being used as links in smaller classes but

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