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    team death

    Post battle analysis and repair

    Upon closer inspection it appears the sprocket on the drive motor of Danger UXB was

    probably meshing against the wheel sprocket causing the

    team death Today, 16:13 Go to last post

    First beetleweight robot

    Looking forward to seeing it in Edinburgh! I second the cable-tie around the link, my link housing is a couple of cable ties so it makes it easy to find

    scott Today, 13:20 Go to last post

    First beetleweight robot

    It looks like a great well thought out first build!! 3mm aluminum (grade dependendant) will hold up well in beetleweights but I wouldnt expect it to last

    firefly1 Today, 12:50 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen Build Diary

    Oh I was wrong... so wrong with this one...

    So far, this year, I've clocked 4,086 miles, not including the BotFest events which

    Ocracoke Today, 00:41 Go to last post

    First beetleweight robot

    In my Beetleweight robots, I have been known to glue down my removable links to the body but in The Honey Badger, I clamped it down with a small cut of

    Ocracoke Today, 00:08 Go to last post

    First beetleweight robot

    To echo what others have said, that is a great effort for a first build, well done. Using a piece of velcro to hold the link/fuse in place is fine; I

    RogueTwoRobots Yesterday, 22:55 Go to last post

    CNC machining parts

    So an update on this. Got a quote for two of them for less than that original quote... Machining4u in the end. Quick lashup on a drill to test the balance

    5upercrab Yesterday, 20:46 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen Build Diary

    The trouble with Robodojo is that it is on a Sunday and I am generally not available on Sundays otherwise I would come. I've also not got a functional

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 19:26 Go to last post