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    Team Gremlin

    WormGear heavy weight robot

    Wer selling WormGear to finance another new build, a little dinged up from the battle with aftershock but still runs fine.

    It will only

    Team Gremlin Yesterday, 21:34 Go to last post

    Go Ugly Early (FW)

    Thanks. I've lost the ability to self right at the moment, but I have some ideas to solve that.

    Wkdintent Yesterday, 14:09 Go to last post

    Go Ugly Early (FW)

    Thats come on nicely from seeing it last year! i love how neat the actuator sits inside the bot at full lift too! nicely thought of.

    Roboteernat Yesterday, 10:43 Go to last post

    Go Ugly Early (FW)

    Thanks. My colour choice was driven by the team Polo shirts I hurriedly made for Cheltenham last year.
    The primer underneath is red oxide paint,

    Wkdintent 19th June 2019, 21:14 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen Build Diary

    Hahaaaa, no worries James. Azriel shouldn't be as prone to getting stuck as The Honey Badger was, but we will see.

    Ocracoke 19th June 2019, 20:27 Go to last post
    team death

    Grantham Tech check and arrival times ?

    Thank's James

    Yes it's just arrived and your'e right 3 pm and 10 am respectively.

    team death 19th June 2019, 20:05 Go to last post

    Go Ugly Early (FW)

    Looks fab! Really liking the way the forks are assembled. Also I'm a sucker for a red and blue colour scheme so I heartily approve of your aesthetic choices.

    McMullet 19th June 2019, 19:58 Go to last post
    James Williams

    Team Kaizen Build Diary

    There's no spinners at Grantham, but that floor flipper of theirs can mess you up as badly as anything. I'll try not to get us both caught on it this

    James Williams 19th June 2019, 19:55 Go to last post