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I wasnt ready for the new series of Robotwars, Its not an excuse, i just lacked time, there is a new generation of builders that can spend their time on building these machines, testing is the key, going to live events can be the difference to getting a reliable robot. I built Push to Exit in a very short time and its first fights were on the show, it had potential but in all honesty i should have put more time into it....saying that we put a lot of time into our first robots on the origional series and did crap...the difference with Envy was the live circuit, it was very well tested and tuned into the live show arenas. Envy had success but reality is that it was fighting the same robots all the time, not many new builds were coming through back then until there was the new series announced. I am very proud Envy is in the hall of fame, that in itself is a big achievement. The social side was a big part for me, I made some great friends, lost some too but i wouldnt change a thing.

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