I shall start a blog

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Starting a blog, never done one. so I shall start one and come back to post from time to time. who reads this...god knows.
Robotwars has been and gone...twice...so where to from here, King of Bots, it doesnt suit me doing that flying to and fro china i am simply too busy.
Live events, well that certainly is an option still but again my life seems to be filled with work and enjoying my family life, why would i change that.
I still have push to exit half built with all the bits to complete it and make it compete at live events. Lets face it i am still interested because i wouldnt be sat here writing this if i wasnt so perhaps i will get it up and running but under a new name and a new look, PTE was on tv and it should stay there in my opinion.
I am currently working on my R2D2, tinkering and playing, he might be up for sale soon.
I do fancy making a walking robot but that will take time as i dont have much.

well let me know if you have read this and i will carry on spouting crap. i do have a long history of robots and many stories to tell but i wont tell them to a blank screen.

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  1. Theo's Avatar
    I'd love some stories from back in the day, and especially someone like you given your robots' pedigree (Well, maybe just Envy, but still)
  2. swanaldo's Avatar
    posted wrong. just getting the hang of this blogging lark
    Updated 17th July 2018 at 15:19 by swanaldo